The shops of the wizarding world are like no other. From robes to broomsticks to owls, there’s something for every witch or wizard. But which shop would we find you in?

If you dream of owning a million pets… you’d go to the Magical Menagerie

Animals are better than people. They’re less complicated, more loving and easier to understand than any human. If you believe that statement to be true, then the Magical Menagerie is where we would find you. As an animal lover, you would be enthralled by what this shop has to offer. There are black rats who can skip using their tails, a giant tortoise with a jewel-encrusted shell, a white rabbit who can turn into a top hat and it was even the original home of our favourite half-cat half-Kneazle, Crookshanks! This shop might not be for everyone – on account of the noise and the smell – but it would be a haven for you. You’d make friends with all the creatures and would quickly start growing your own menagerie of pets.

If you fancy a career as a comedian… you’d go to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

There is always room for a little more happiness in the world. Everyone can do with a good chuckle, and you have a talent for making people laugh until their sides ache. As a budding comedian, you are always looking to add to your repertoire, and for that there’s no better shop than Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Whether you’re stocking up on items for your Skiving Snackboxes, picking up some U-No-Poo or purchasing a few trick wands, you’ll find exactly what you need. And as someone who is always looking for the joy in life, we think you’d be drawn to the look of the shop too with its bright colours and festive atmosphere. It would be your little happy oasis where you could escape from those devoid of a sense of humour, swap ideas with fellow mischief-makers and brush up on your (already considerable) skills as a comic.

If fashion is your passion… you’d go to Madam Malkin’s

Do you like to keep up with the latest catwalk trends? Can you spot a designer handbag from fifty paces? Do you spend hours shopping for the perfect item to complete your look? Then we think Madam Malkin’s is the ideal shop for you. Full of exquisite fabrics, beautiful prints and selling everything from school uniforms to dress robes, this is the place to be for any wizarding fashion icon. No matter your style, whether you favour a gothic look (like Severus Snape) or have a more eclectic style (like Luna Lovegood), you are sure to find something here. We can just see you now, trying on every single item in the shop, having fun finding the best hat to go with your new robes and putting together an outfit that is simply showstopping.

If you have an unwavering thirst for knowledge… you’d go to Flourish and Blotts

Nestled in the heart of Diagon Alley is a treasure trove of magical information – Flourish and Blotts. This wizarding bookstore is full to the brim with books covering every topic you could dream of. Want to read up on Gilderoy Lockhart’s (supposed) adventures? You’ll find them all at Flourish and Blotts. Want to take a leaf out of Percy’s book and read Prefects Who Gained Power? Flourish Blotts has a copy. Want to get stuck into Curses and Counter-Curses (Bewitch your Friends and Befuddle your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying and much, much more)? You guessed it, Flourish and Blotts has that too. This would be the perfect shop for someone who has a curious nature and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. If this sounds like you, and you’re someone who can spend happily spend hours – or even days – getting lost down rabbit holes of research, facts and stories, then we think you’d be at your happiest here.

If you wish you could live on sweets… you’d go to Honeydukes

Chocolate Frogs! Fizzing Whizzbees! Pepper Imps! Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans! These are just a handful of the delectable treats that can be found at Honeydukes. Crammed from floor to ceiling with all manner of sweets, this shop is a dream come true for every person with a sweet tooth. If you’re the type of person who would happily order dessert before their main course in a restaurant and have been told by your dentist that you should maybe go a bit easier on the sugar, then we can confidently say that this would be your favourite shop. You would spend hours browsing the shelves and would try everything in the shop at least once – even the Acid Pops! And we have no doubt you’d be in sugary heaven.

If you want to know more about yourself… you’d go to Ollivanders

Are you somebody who is always keen to discover more about yourself? Have you taken every personality quiz available? And are you a fan of star signs and know all the traits of yours like the back of your hand? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we think that Ollivanders would interest you. As Ollivander says, the wand chooses the wizard and each one is unique. The core, wood type and even flexibility are suited to the different personality traits of each individual witch or wizard. For example, wands made out of alder wood are right for those who are helpful, considerate and are only suitable for the most advanced witches and wizards. If you have the type of personality we think you do, then you would find this kind of information fascinating and would get a real kick out of spending hours at Ollivanders finding the wand that matches who you are on the inside.

If you have an interest in the macabre… you’d go to Borgin and Burkes

Borgin and Burkes was full of interesting – and by interesting we mean terrifying – curiosities. There were the evil looking masks that leered down from the walls. The pack of blood-stained cards. The Hand of Glory that only gave light to the person holding it. The cursed opal necklace that could kill you with a single touch – you know, all the light and fluffy stuff! Now if any of those items spark your interest, then we think this sinister shop would be your favourite. You’re probably the type of person who has always been fascinated by ghost stories and horror films and we bet you wouldn’t say no to having a go with an Ouija board. We reckon that some people might have found your interest in the dark and grisly a little disconcerting, but really you are someone who is able to find beauty in things others would consider ugly. You’re not scary, you’re more… misunderstood, and your interest in all things grisly is all a bit of harmless fun!