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Harry Potter Puzzles

Sit back and test your wizarding world knowledge with a couple of games on us, be it a wordsearch, a crossword or a number puzzle. No wizard chess, sadly, but our puzzles do contain a few magical surprises. Time yourself and compare your scores with friends!

Our top puzzle pick

Play our Fantastic Beasts character crossword

The Fantastic Beasts series has plenty of loveable characters – and a few not-so-loveable ones. But how well do you know them all? As Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore introduces us to more, take our crossword to see how much you know so far.

Try our wizarding world craft tutorials
Bring the wizarding world into your home through the magic of making things! We've got videos for creative types to craft Harry Potter-inspired creations – from Ravenclaw shoelaces to Weasley scarves.

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