It is our final week of Harry Potter Reading Magic, where we've been diving deep into the first Harry Potter book for you first-time readers out there. As we approach the final set of chapters, today we'll be examining the scarier side of the wizarding world - and how they're easier to face with friends.

This week, we're looking at chapters 14-17 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, where Harry's first Hogwarts adventure is nearly at an end. But first, he must roam the Forbidden Forest, and go beyond a mysterious trapdoor with Ron and Hermione... Get ready for the mysteries of the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone to finally be revealed.

So! Expect things to be a bit spookier in our final week. Learn how to play our chapter challenges if you haven't seen them before (one for every chapter, naturally) and even build your own Hogwarts house points jar so you can collect house points as you go along. Our next three challenges are ready for you here.

Chapter Fourteen: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
Chapter Fifteen: The Forbidden Forest
Chapter Sixteen: Through the Trapdoor
Chapter Seventeen: The Man With Two Faces

In this week's audiobook extract (as read by Stephen Fry) the trio face a series of unusual obstacles in the underbelly of Hogwarts. In this particular moment, it's Ron's time to shine, thanks to his excellent chess knowledge.

Listen to our fifth and final audio clip here.

As ever, explore our collection page for week five to find new activities, puzzles, reading guides and print-outs from Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic.

As it's the final week, our craft videos are decidedly more epic. You can build a whole Hogwarts castle with bits and bobs around your house! Or, you can design a gift bag based on your favourite character.

As for quizzes, this week we'll test you on the Forbidden Forest and ask you how much you remember about the whole book - now that you've finished it!

And that's it! Thank you so much for joining us over these past five weeks for Harry Potter Reading Magic. We hope there are loads of you out there who enjoyed reading Harry's first adventure for the first time. And if you missed it? Oh, not to worry. Step back with us and start from the beginning!

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