In this chapter, Harry, Ron and Hermione face many obstacles as they go into the underbelly of Hogwarts to take on a number of strange obstacles. From flying keys to giant chess boards - each friend has a moment to shine as the adventure draws to a close.

Enjoy another audio extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone with reader, Stephen Fry, as we explore Ron's shining moment playing an epic chess match.

Now that you've finished listening to this extract, what did you make of it? Here's a few thoughts from us.

"I'm going to be a knight"

While getting to know Ron during the first book, it's obvious how much Ron feels overshadowed by his big family. Remember - when he looked in The Mirror of Erised, he saw himself standing out from them, the centre of attention. It is in this moment, right at the end of Harry's first Hogwarts adventure, that Ron really comes into his own - due to his excellent chess skills. We'd seen Ron introducing Harry to wizard's chess earlier on in the book, and now, he faced the ultimate challenge - a huge version of it, with living pieces - one of the many obstacles protecting the Philosopher's Stone.

Ron picks the knight, which is one of the more heroic symbols of the chess game. Just by picking that piece, it is obvious that Ron's Gryffindor-esque bravery really sparkles when he is confident in his own abilities.

Overcoming obstacles

It is interesting that there is an individual obstacle protecting the Philosopher's Stone that Harry, Ron and Hermione each find themselves good at. For Harry, it is the flying keys, which he is able to catch thanks to his Quidditch skills. For Ron, it's a giant, enchanted chess set. For Hermione, it's a potions-themed logic puzzle, putting her excellent mind to the ultimate test with a riddle.

Just seeing how the three friends put their best abilities together shows what a perfect trio they really are.

Which Philosopher's Stone obstacle would you be best at?

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