This week, peer into the Mirror of Erised with us as Harry discovers another one of Hogwarts’s many mysteries.

Illustration by Jim Kay © Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Enjoy another audio extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone with reader, Stephen Fry, as we explore this emotional moment from Chapter Twelve.

Now you’ve listened to our clip, here’s a few things that we were left thinking about.

Harry’s family

This scene is perhaps one of the most emotional moments of the books – Harry finally coming face to face with the family he never knew, thanks to an enchanted looking glass he discovers in Hogwarts. Not only does he see his late parents, Lily and James, in the mirror, but other descendants who share similarities with him. Harry is described as feeling “half joy, half terrible sadness” as he sees what his life could’ve been if Lord Voldemort hadn’t killed his parents. You can learn more about the Potter family here.

How did this scene make you feel?

The mysteries of the mirror

Then there’s the Mirror of Erised itself – a strange object that Harry happened upon while roaming Hogwarts at night. The name “Erised” is “desire” reversed and does indeed seem to show the subject the thing they desire the most. For Ron, he saw himself achieving glory, finally standing out from his brothers and sister. For Harry, it was quite the reverse – wanting to be with the family he never had.

We’re not sure where the Mirror of Erised has come from – but Hogwarts is full of many strange and wonderful things you’ll come across as you read on. You can learn more about the mirror here.

What do you think you would see in the Mirror of Erised?