Have you finished reading Chapter Fourteen of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone? Well then, you’re ready for this Chapter Challenge! How many house points can you collect? And can you complete your secret quest?

Welcome to your next challenge!

First thing's first. We've created a brand new special house points tracker that you can make at home which will help you keep score of your chapter challenge achievements. Take a look.

Write down who your favourite character is in the book so far and why. We asked you the same question back in the first Chapter Challenge, but has it changed?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Draw a picture of Norbert the baby dragon.

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Answer this question and get a clue about the next chapter. What is the very large group of trees in the Hogwarts grounds called? Clue: it is out of bounds!

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Write about yourself: Would you would want a pet dragon like Hagrid? Would it be fun? Or does it sound like too much trouble?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Prediction time! Harry and Hermione get caught by Filch at the end of this chapter. Do you think that Harry and Hermione will end up getting detention?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Time to be Ron Weasley: In 'Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback', Ron writes to his brother Charlie, who works with dragons in Romania. We hear/see Charlie’s reply in this chapter, but we don’t know exactly what Ron said to his brother. Write a letter to Charlie Weasley, pretending you’re Ron asking for help with Norbert. Remember to explain what’s been going on at Hogwarts! Charlie probably doesn’t know much about Harry or Hermione so you might want to tell him about them too ...

This mini-challenge is worth 2 house points.

Secret quest: In this chapter, Hermione is worried about the school exams only being ten weeks away. Her reply to Ron saying that they’re ages away is: ‘That’s not ages. That’s like a second to Nicolas Flamel.’ Your secret task is to ask someone (ideally a parent or guardian) in your household how old they are. You need to reply, ‘That’s not old. That’s like a second to Nicolas Flamel.’ When they look confused, tell them that Nicolas Flamel is six hundred and sixty-five years old, so they have nothing to worry about!

This mini-challenge is worth 3 house points.


Quiz time: If this secret quest isn’t for you, you can collect the same number of house points if you answer every question correctly in our Chapter Fourteen Quiz here...

Did you complete this Chapter Challenge? How many house points did you collect of the possible 10? Have you put all your pieces of paper in the hourglass so you don’t lose count?

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Illustration by Mary GrandPré © Scholastic