Three videos tutorials. One Hogwarts castle. It’s time to take on your biggest crafting challenge yet and build a replica of the famous school of magic…

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is one of the most magical places in the whole wizarding world. Eleven-year-old witches and wizards lucky enough to receive their Hogwarts letters, board the Hogwarts Express, disembark at Hogsmeade, and sail across the lake to get their first glimpse of the twinkling lights and towering turrets belonging to one of the best schools of magic in the world.

Today, bring Hogwarts into your home, as we teach you how to build your very own castle in three video tutorials.

Hogwarts Castle Build Part 1: The Great Hall

The Great Hall at Hogwarts is a very special place, because it’s where the Sorting Ceremony happens for first years when they arrive at the school. Once the ceremony is over, the feast begins, and Dumbledore makes his start of term speech – which is bound to be a little wacky!

Here’s how to build the Great Hall section:

You can download the instructions for Part 1 here!

And if you want to find out which house you would be sorted into in the Great Hall then you can take the Sorting Ceremony on our website here.

Hogwarts Castle Build Part 2: The Grand Staircase Tower

The towers are a particularly iconic part of the Hogwarts castle. In this video you’ll be giving the castle it’s unique look, adding the Headmaster’s Tower that houses Dumbledore’s office – a place Harry Potter visits on many occasions!

You can download the instructions for Part 2 here!

Hogwarts Castle Build Part 3: Paper Mache and Paint

The Hogwarts castle was home for Harry Potter, who never really felt like he belonged with the Dursleys – even before he found out he was a wizard! This is the final video where we teach you how to put the finish touches – including adding a base – to your Hogwarts castle creation! We hope it brings a little magic and helps you dream of going back to Hogwarts.

You can download the instructions for Part 3 here!

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