Have you finished Chapter Seventeen of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone? Well then, you’re ready for this final Chapter Challenge! How many house points can you collect? And can you complete your secret quest?

Welcome to your final challenge!

One final reminder... We created a special house points tracker that you can make at home which will help you keep score of your chapter challenge achievements. Take a look.

Write down whether you guessed that Professor Quirrell was the one going after the Philosopher’s Stone. If not, who did you think it was? Why?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Draw a picture of the Philosopher’s Stone.

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Answer this question and get a clue about the next chapter. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. When Harry went to the zoo with the Dursleys all the way back in Chapter Two, which creature did he talk to?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Write about yourself: What was your favourite chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? Why?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Prediction time! Do you think Harry, Ron and Hermione will have to solve any mysteries in their second year at Hogwarts? Or do you think they can just be normal wizarding students?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Time to be a book reviewer: So, you’ve finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s time to give it a review. Decide how many stars you would give it out of five. Would you recommend it to your friends? Did you enjoy the story? Did you like the characters? Are you excited to read the next book about Harry?

This mini-challenge is worth 2 house points.

Secret quest: Remember Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour-Beans? Well, your secret quest is to think of a flavour you would give each member of your household and/or your friends. For example, would you give your Dad earwax flavour, like Dumbledore gets in this chapter? Would you give your best friend bogey flavour? Would you choose sprout flavour for your guardian? .

This mini-challenge is worth 3 house points.



Quiz time: If this secret quest isn’t for you, you can collect the same number of house points if you answer every question correctly in our Chapter Seventeen Quiz here...

Congratulations! You’ve completed the last Chapter Challenge! Did you know there were a possible 170 house points available over the seventeen Chapter Challenges? How many did you collect? Well done for getting to the end of the book! That’s pretty magical! Professor Dumbledore would be proud.

We expect you know by now, but if you still need to find out which Hogwarts house you belong in, here’s a link to the Sorting Ceremony on our website. Or download the Wizarding World app to find out your house whilst wearing the Sorting Hat! You’ll need an adult to help you register.

We hope you had fun!

Illustration by Mary GrandPré © Scholastic