Take a look at the latest Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells game trailer, as created by Zynga Inc. in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The pre-registration window is now open on Google Play for fans to get involved!

The upcoming match-3 mobile game is part of the Portkey Games label (you can learn more about Portkey Games here) and celebrates the wizarding world through a series of bright and colourful puzzle challenges. Take a look at their latest trailer here.

The new trailer reveals story elements that will be woven throughout the game, inviting players to solve various puzzles interspersed with Chocolate Frogs, magic keys and all manner of fantastical things.

Players will also be tasked with creating an avatar, casting familiar spells and collecting various wizarding world artefacts along their way. And, of course, as you progress, there are opportunities to level up, upgrade your abilities and win power-ups. You’ll also bump into familiar Harry Potter characters throughout the levels to guide you through your journey – and be invited to collect magical creatures, objects, potions. The more you play, the more you’ll collect and learn as you approach fresh, daily challenges.

'With Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, we’ll be delighting fans with the memorable characters, sounds and stories of the original books and films,” said Bernard Kim, President of Publishing, Zynga. ‘But we’re also bringing more dimension to the match-3 genre. Players will earn XP and become more powerful, acquire and level up spells, engage in special events and connect and compete with one another through the Clubs feature.’

Players who pre-register for Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells will be the first to know when the game officially launches, and those that download the game within 7 days will be treated to a special Welcome Bundle, extra rewards and power-ups. You’ll even get a special custom item to make your avatar even more unique.

So named because Portkeys transport wizards from place to place, games under the Portkey Games label give Harry Potter fans the chance to be transported into the wizarding world and placed at the centre of their own adventure. So, get ready for this latest magical escapade!

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells will be playable for iOS and Android devices worldwide, as well as on Amazon Kindle and Facebook. Visit the Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells website or Google Play to learn how to pre-register, and keep checking in for future updates.