Today, we reveal our exciting new collectible range of pins, all inspired by the Harry Potter stories. Take a look at our selection so far and learn how you can start pin seeking.

Update: our pins are now on general release!

Take your first look at the beginnings of our official pin collection. Our first batch, celebrating the Hogwarts houses, are available on general release from 1st September. Harry Potter Fan Club Gold members can purchase them from today from the Harry Potter Shop.

Our special range of pins are completely one of a kind, designed by us and specially dedicated to the nuances of the wizarding world. Every pin is enamelled and exquisitely detailed, some glow in the dark, and we’ll even be releasing special edition pins to look out for too.

Explore all of our pins so far here!

Our first collection of set boxes, coming 1st September, are all about Hogwarts house pride, and come in sets of 6. So, be you Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff, your pin set of choice is perfectly catered to the iconography and colours of your house, with each set including a house banner, your Hogwarts house animal, an item connected to your house, a scarf, a house crest, and a house representative. So, if you’re Hufflepuff, for example, your set will include the Fat Friar, Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup and a badger. You will be able to purchase some pins individually, but not all, so do check the products to see which ones are available.

Pins Box Set Pile

We're also be releasing a special Hogwarts Express pin, to commemorate Back to Hogwarts day next week!

Even the boxes of our pins have a little bit of sorcery woven in. Keen collectors will find that the hexagonal boxes link together with magnets, for a very aesthetically pleasing display.

The packaging is also adorned with extra magic to discover. Those with our Harry Potter Fan Club app (currently available in the US, UK, Ireland Canada, New Zealand and Australia) will be able to scan an Enchanted Key on the packaging, which will deliver a digital accompaniment that compliments your pin or pin set. Look out for other small details too – and see what you can find to unlock! And if you need a bit of help, don’t worry: to learn more about how our app and Enchanted Keys work, we’ve put together a handy guide.

Harry Potter Fan Club Gold members will be able to purchase our pins before anyone else, with a 6 day priority early-access window starting today! They will also be able to save 20% off the purchase price. If you’re signed up to the Harry Potter Fan Club our pins will be available for you soon too, ahead of general release on 1st September.*

We hope you enjoy the pins we have on display so far – and look forward to future releases throughout the year – celebrating different themes of the wizarding world.

When you do pick up your first pin or pin set – do let us know how you’re showing it off. For a chance to be featured by us, please ensure you read and agree to our Submission Terms first and use the hashtag #HarryPotterPinSeeking and send it to us @WizardingWorld. We’d love some Hogwarts styling tips... or dare we say... pinspiration.

For now, feel free to browse our pins hub where you can learn more about pins, and explore the designs of our pins with some in-depth guides. And remember, to learn more about upcoming releases, limited edition pins and special releases, simply sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club today.

Let the pin seeking commence!

*Offer applies to purchase of pins from the Harry Potter Shop. Subject to availability. Stocks limited. Other limitations apply. See terms and conditions. Gold priority early access and 20% saving require purchase of Harry Potter Fan Club Gold membership (also known as Wizarding World Gold membership). Terms of Purchase apply.