London calling! The famous Harry Potter shop that stands alongside the legendary trolley cart at King’s Cross Station is officially back. Complete with a new look and a friendly appearance from Luna Lovegood (AKA Evanna Lynch!) – here’s how the shop has transformed.

After a 12-week refurbishment, Platform 9 ¾ is back! Okay, not the fictional one from the Harry Potter books – but the beloved real-life shop that lives in King’s Cross Station in London, serving up all your favourite Wizarding World goodies.

The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ features five different themed areas, each one carefully curated for an exciting shopping experience. Home to wands, robes, sweet treats, toys, and other popular Harry Potter collectibles including seasonal products and new ranges, there is plenty for every type of Wizarding World fan to explore.


Evanna Lynch, otherwise known as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series, was on hand to give the shop the grand re-opening it deserved. And of course to sample some of the Spectrespecs on offer.


With over 5,000 individual props on display, the shop will bring the magic to life for visitors of all ages. And watch out for all the magical minutiae the shop has to offer - such as a countdown clock to the most famous day in our Wizarding World calendar: September 1st.


Upon entering, visitors will step into Platform 9 ¾, an old-fashioned train station themed area with flooring inspired by original King’s Cross tiling. The area displays Platform 9 ¾ themed products along with stationery, books and more.

Delving deeper into the shop, visitors will soon find themselves immersed in a Quidditch inspired space offering Hogwarts house products where they can purchase their uniform in time to begin the new school year. As Mr Ollivander is keen to remind us, the wand chooses the wizard - and that wand is certainly an essential item for any Hogwarts student. No pressure, but Platform 9 ¾ boasts over 2,000 wands including 27 fan-favourite character choices.


Moving through the shop, fans will find themselves in an area inspired by magical creatures that will be home to plush toys with everything from owls to Acromantula as well as games and new ranges. From the adorable to the beastly, channel your inner Hagrid and see what leaps out at you. (Hopefully not an Acromantula!)

If you’re old enough, you can learn more about Platform 9 ¾ right here at the official Instagram.