From a Tom Felton TikTok tour to a good old-fashioned countdown at King’s Cross Station, here’s how we’re celebrating Back to Hogwarts season this year.

What is Back to Hogwarts day? What is happening this year to celebrate it? And what would you get if we add powdered root of asphodel to and infusion of wormwood? All your burning questions are answered here!

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In the run-up to 1st September, fans from all generations come together to celebrate a very special day in the wizarding world calendar: Back to Hogwarts. The day Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express and was whisked off to the magical school that would change his life. Here’s your run-down on exactly what it means to go Back to Hogwarts.

Yes, the concept of Back to Hogwarts day has been celebrated for many years now (you can also read our potted history of previous events here) – and this year, you can expect some fun announcements, fan celebrations and a variety of spellbinding activities to really get in the mood. Here’s just some of the things, be them physical or digital, to look out for.

A congregation at King’s Cross Station

Kings Cross train board

Over the years, it has become something of a tradition that UK-based Harry Potter fans (or people visiting!) come along to King’s Cross Station on 1st September to countdown to 11 o’ clock: the time the Hogwarts Express sets off for a fresh school term. This year, any visitors to King’s Cross can expect a few surprises and photo opportunities set up around the station to really make your celebration feel extra-special.

  • Dress to impress: turning up to King’s Cross in robes, Hogwarts scarves or big fluffy Dumbledore beards is encouraged but not compulsory. On this day of all days, why not live your best wizarding life?
  • Magic tricks with magic bricks: Our good friends at The LEGO® Group will be offering up some Wizarding World showstoppers at the station, immortalised in colourful bricks. If you’re down, make sure to grab a photo with these big builds, where the likes of Mr Weasley’s flying car and the Sorting Hat will be on display.
  • Have your own Harry, Ron and Hermione moment: Take part in a special Hogwarts Express video booth where you can pose with friends to sit in the Hogwarts Express carriage just like our golden trio did. You can use the #BACKTOHOGWARTS when sharing.
  • Enjoy the Cursed Child wand dance: The West End cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will perform a special version of the popular ‘wand dance’ as seen in the multi-award-winning stage play for your enjoyment.
  • Embrace books and cleverness: UK publishers Bloomsbury appear to have cast a spell on book replicas of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, featuring the original 1997 cover art from Thomas Taylor and the 25th anniversary edition by Jonny Duddle. Pretend to be a teeny tiny person who’s taken some Shrinking Solution and grab a photo with this display of giant tomes!
  • Swish and flick: Paul Harris, wand choreographer on the Harry Potter films, will be making an appearance at the station, teaching fans how to correctly cast spells with a dedicated Wand Combat workshop. Paul will be hosting the wand training session at the start of every hour from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Thursday 1st September, and from 10:00am through to 5:00pm on Saturday 3rd September. You‘ll even learn how to ward off a few unruly Death Eaters from the Studio Tour, who will also be making an appearance at King’s Cross . We hope they’re not too warm in their robes in this summer weather!
  • Come and say hi to us: Oh, and do feel free to pop by the Wizarding World Digital booth and share some of your favourite Harry Potter memories, or even have a chance to be on camera sharing your wizarding world love. We’d love you to say hello and there will be fun photo opportunities on our stand too.
  • Make a weekend out of it: Don’t worry if you can’t visit King’s Cross on 1st September itself. Beyond the countdown, King’s Cross will continue to host Harry Potter goodness across 4 days. From Friday to Sunday, the Hogwarts Express video booth and various photo opps (such as Bloomsbury's books and the LEGO big builds) will remain open and on 3rd September, the Paul Harris wand workshops will be available!

For those who cannot come to King’s Cross, do not worry at all. There are so many ways we are celebrating digitally too.

Tom Felton takes to TikTok

Witches and wizards may have all manner of spells to make their lives easier, but at least we have TikTok, which enchants us in its own ways. This year, a very special guest in the shape of Tom Felton will be hosting a segment recorded at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – the Making of Harry Potter, which you can watch on 1st September with TikTok live. Draco Malfoy was famously a nuisance on the Hogwarts Express, but we’re sure his real-life counterpart will be as charming as ever. Expect Tom to take you on a trip down memory lane at the very place where he filmed the Harry Potter series, with some fun activities along the way. Fans can watch along on TikTok at @wizardingworld & @t22felton on 1st September at 7:00pm BST.

And if you miss the TikTok on the day, don’t worry, you’ll be able to catch up on our YouTube channel later on.

A Look Ahead

It wouldn’t be the start of term without an announcement or two… brand new for this year, fans are invited to watch a special presentation crammed full of news and updates, highlighting some of the exciting things the Wizarding World has in store. Expect news on the upcoming RPG console game Hogwarts Legacy, a first look at a particularly magical product, and spellbinding live experiences which fans will not want to miss. Tune into at 6:20pm BST on 1st September to watch along.

Our new Discover Harry Potter video series

Do you know someone who is learning about the wizarding world for the first time and has absolutely no idea where to begin? Do not fear. Our new easy-explainer video series will help your Hogwarts studies begin with aplomb. Here, you’ll learn about the traditions of the wizarding community, the history of the houses and the secrets of Hogwarts castle. Grab some parchment and a quill (or a biro, at a stretch) and be prepared to take notes! We’re dropping new episodes across the coming weeks. The first episode can be seen here.

But of course, you can celebrate Back to Hogwarts day however you like. Why not use the hashtag #BACKTOHOGWARTS online and tell us how you’re marking 2022’s magical moment? You can also visit our Back to Hogwarts page here to keep abreast of any latest activities or simply learn the history of the day. And again, you can always register with us too to build up your wizarding identity, discover your Hogwarts house, Patronus and wand. Check out our regular newsletter to add a dash of magic to your inbox too. Phew!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, adding powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood, you’d brew a pretty effective sleeping potion. Just in case you’d forgotten.

Back to Hogwarts day takes place 1st September, 2022.