Portkey Games and Jam City are celebrating three years of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by treating fans to a brand-new Memory Book feature, CG trailer and a special developer Q&A livestream, which was held last night, hosted by James and Oliver Phelps (AKA the Weasley twins).

To mark the mobile game’s third year, Jam City are asking fans to cast their minds back on their experiences with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery so far and get ready to delve deeper with some of the creative geniuses behind the game.

Why not revisit your favourite moments with the brand new in-game Memory Book? This fantastic feature gives you the opportunity to experience some of your most unforgettable milestones all over again! From casting your Patronus to going on your very first date, relive the magic of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery through your personal Hogwarts memories.

There are also plenty of other exciting in-game giveaways to celebrate the game’s anniversary this year! Make sure to collect your house-coloured party sunglasses, free notebooks, energy and get your very own set of animated fireworks panels! The game is inviting all players to put on their full anniversary ensemble (with the hat, onesie, and sunglasses) and hang out in the common room – which has been festooned with confetti and other decorations for this very occasion.

Not only are there some fantastic new in-game features, but there is also a fresh new trailer for you to enjoy. Watch out for fan favourite moments from the game including the Celestial Ball and the many Magical Creatures you’ve met along the way.

Last night the celebrations continued, when Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery revealed some of the magic behind the game, with a very special developer Q&A livestream that was hosted by James and Oliver Phelps.

The Q&A session gave the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery development team the opportunity to answer all their players’ most burning questions, such as what goes into making the game to teasing new and future releases.

We were also treated to some teasers about new and existing characters. Not only are the developers working on using newer characters in upcoming special adventures, but they even told us that brand-new ones are being created. One such person (who we can’t wait to meet) is a new vampire at Hogwarts! This character is set to be on a journey to explore how his life changed overnight – and we are thrilled to be there with him.

Additionally, we were given insight into what really goes into making this game. For example, the Ministry of Magic feature took roughly five months to complete and went through several different stages. From the initial concept art, to 3D modelling, to animation and effects and finally to the content team who worked with engineering to get it plugged into the game. The level of dedication and care that goes into Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was clear to see.

We also learnt that one of the most difficult pieces of in-game art was the creation of the Clubhouses. These were tricky to make because they needed to feel new but still recognisably Hogwarts. As these didn’t exist in the story, the team had a chance to break new ground with how they would look and needed something fresh that would still fit easily into the wizarding world. They ended up doing so well they are now working on expanding them!

Finally, and possibly most excitingly, one further update that is set to be released is the news that players will be able to start previously-released special adventures whenever they choose. Whether you missed out the first time round or couldn’t complete it, Hogwarts Mystery fans will soon have the chance to step back and rekindle old quests.

We also heard a mention of Chocolate Frogs finding their way into the game – we look forward to them hopping in.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, part of the Portkey Games label, invites fans to create their own Hogwarts story, putting themselves at the centre of the narrative. The award-winning RPG is available to download, for free, on Google Play and the App Store.