At Hogwarts, Harry found Christmas cheer in his new wizarding family. But which Harry Potter character would you like to share a cracker with?

If there’s no time for small-talk and you just want to eat, you’d spend Christmas with Ron


Look, it’s all well and good discussing the ways of the world with those around the dinner table – but some of us have bigger priorities. Namely: eating. Don’t you hate it when someone asks you a profound question that requires quite a long answer, but your mouth is full to the brim with roast potatoes? Tell us about it. It sounds like you could use a dining companion who likes to capitalise on the actual dining, and we can’t think of a better one than Ron Weasley. Ron is usually to be found at Hogwarts feasts doing what you’re supposed to do – feasting! Talking can come later! Christmas dinner is a sacred moment! The only chit-chat you want to be doing is “nom nom nom”, and we assure you that Ron would happily oblige.

If you love all the festive novelties of the season, you’d spend Christmas with Dumbledore


Christmas can be a silly old time – all of a sudden there are bright, twinkling lights everywhere, people are dressing up in sparkly things, and generally, that merry feeling can be quite infectious. Professor Dumbledore certainly seemed to enjoy it, as we saw during the Christmas dinner in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Always a man who enjoyed the small amusements of life, Dumbledore couldn’t wait to pop a cracker and put on a flowery bonnet. And who can blame the guy? This season is full of kooky traditions, such as hiding coins in Christmas puddings, playing daft games, telling bad jokes, adding sleigh bells on EVERY song and – of course – donning silly hats. Dumbledore totally gets it. And we’re saving you a seat next to him at the Hogwarts table.

If you simply love a good old singalong, you’d spend Christmas with Sirius


We wouldn’t have had Sirius down as a particularly festive chap – Sirius had a tough life and came out of Azkaban as a brooding, hardened character. But during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, upon the news Harry and the Weasleys would be staying with him at Grimmauld Place, Harry’s godfather positively lit up, creating a Christmassy atmosphere around his decidedly not-that-Christmassy house, providing a healthy supply of Butterbeer and even putting his own spin on a famous Christmas carol: God Rest Ye Merry… Hippogriffs?! If you say so, Sirius, mate. If you get a bit competitive during a Christmas singalong, we reckon Sirius would enjoy being your harmonising partner.

If you go a bit OTT on the Christmas decorations, you’d spend Christmas with Dobby or Professor Flitwick

Look, we know the sort. You’re walking down the street on a frosty evening, and you can’t help looking at peoples’ windows and seeing how strong their Christmas decoration game is. If you’re reading this, we reckon you’re the type that has a real smorgasbord of lights, tinsel, dangly reindeers and all sorts going up this time of the year. Or maybe you have a very strict festive colour scheme. And we bet you put up your tree super-early too. Hey, we’re not judging!


We spotted two Harry Potter characters who, like you, very much enjoy putting their stamp on things during the festive period, with distinctly different decorating styles. While Flitwick enjoys the classy approach, adding charming fairies to the Hogwarts Christmas trees, Dobby once decorated the Room of Requirement with “Have a very Harry Christmas!” in Harry’s honour, of course. Well, it’s good to have unique aesthetic tastes – otherwise life would be very boring. You, Flitwick and Dobby are the ones making this time of year look so special.

If you get a bit stressed out this time of year, you’d spend Christmas with Hagrid


We’ve established that Christmas certainly looks nice (and tastes nice!) but that doesn’t mean it’s not an all-mighty stress to actually get to that point. Cooking Christmas dinner is an Olympic sport in itself, (don’t mind actually eating it) buying all the presents is a particularly emotionally taxing time, and don’t get us started on wrapping them. We think you need a calm presence around you during Christmas, and who better than one Rubeus Hagrid, who always manages to diffuse a particularly arduous situation, whether that’s dealing with slug vomit or quite dangerous magical creatures. Hagrid is also very good at carrying huge Christmas trees to the Great Hall, so you know he’d be up for a few manual tasks if you need help around the house. And not to mention he can reach those high-up places. Trust us, with Hagrid by your side, your festive preparations will go off without a hitch – as long as you don’t ask him to help out in the kitchen.

If you like to spend this time of year reading, you’d spend Christmas with Hermione


While some like to spend the festive season in a constant state of persistent party spirit until at least January 2nd, some like to spend this time in a realm of tranquility, curled up with a blanket, stuck in a good book, and nobody interrupting. You know our girl Hermione is definitely one for that, which is why we think you two would be the perfect Christmas pair. Just think! You could take turns on tea-making duties and recommend the best tomes to each other! No small-talk with your uncle’s cousin this year. Just a good, engrossing story to get your head lost in. Maybe this is why Ron and Hermione work so well together. She can read in peace while he quietly feasts on the third helping of Christmas dinner. Bliss.

If you love nailing your perfect festive outfit, you’d spend Christmas with Luna

LunaLovegood WB F6 LunaLovegoodSlugClubChristmasPartyWithSanguiniAndEldredWorple Still 080615 Port

Christmas is a time for food and family, yes, yes, yes – but it is also a time for looking fabulous. Luna knows this, hence her tremendous little sparkly number for Slughorn’s Christmas party, where she actually looked like a decoration. This. Is. What. This. Festive. Time. Is. All. About. If you’re not dressed like you could actually be on the Christmas tree itself – you’re doing it wrong! Go home and put on at least five more reams of tinsel. We’re sure Luna could lend you a few signature pieces to make your festive outfit look more editorial. Her fashion outlook was truly not appreciated in her own time.

If you’re all about the parties, you’d spend Christmas with Professor Slughorn


If there’s one man who knows how to put on a good ‘do, it is Horace Slughorn, the Potions Professor with a proficiency for partying. Who knew that the man who once disguised himself as a big armchair to hide from Professor Dumbledore would actually be very sociable, in fact so sociable, he even has his own Slug Club for the elite of Hogwarts. You may not agree with Slughorn’s cliquey ways, but if you’re in that clique, you’ll bet you’re going to have a good time. Not only does Slughorn bring the most interesting of guests (an actual vampire, anyone?) but he always knows how to stir up the best conversations. And you could always swig a bit of Felix Felicis if you need a bit of liquid luck talking to that person you fancy.