Christmas in the wizarding world is an extra special experience. But where would you spend the festive season? From The Burrow to St Mungo’s, we’ve made some deductions based on your personality.

If the festive season is all about family for you… you’d spend Christmas at The Burrow

Christmas at The Burrow sounds like the most wholesome way you could possibly spend this day. With a roaring fire, a slap-up family meal, a lovingly (yet haphazardly) decorated tree and the company of all those who are nearest and dearest to you – what could be better? If you’re the type of person who thinks that Christmas is a time for family and simple pleasures, such as all settling down to watch your favourite festive film, then we think this would be perfect for you. We can just see you now, helping Fred and George wrangle a gnome for the top of the tree, listening to Celestina Warbeck on the wireless with Mrs Weasley and doing it all whilst wearing your very own Weasley jumper.

If you’re all about that festive food… you’d spend Christmas feasting in the Great Hall

Christmas at Hogwarts is brilliant in many ways – with the beautiful decorations, suits of armour singing Christmas carols and the cosy common rooms to hang out in. But arguably the best thing has to be the fantastic Christmas feast. From the one hundred turkeys, to the mountains of roast potatoes, to the lashings of gravy, the platters of chipolatas and not forgetting flaming Christmas puddings, it’s certainly a very impressive, not to mention tasty, banquet. If you live for Christmas food but can take or leave the rest of the holiday traditions, always comes back for seconds (or thirds) and thinks a Christmas dinner is no good without every single one of the trimmings, then you’d love nothing more than to spend the entire day feasting in the Great Hall.

If you’d like to help those less fortunate than yourself… you’d spend Christmas at St Mungo’s

Christmas isn’t always the easiest time of year – especially if you feel as though you can’t join in the fun and festivities for some reason. If you can’t stand the idea of other people having a miserable yuletide, then we think you would probably spend at least some of your day trying to spread some Christmas cheer. And if that was in the wizarding world, we think you’d gravitate towards St Mungo’s. We can picture you visiting the witches and wizards in the hospital, bringing them some treats from Honeyduke’s or a trick from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes – just to help put a smile on their face. Hopefully that would make their Christmas that little bit better.

If you would love to celebrate with friends… you’d spend Christmas at the Three Broomsticks

If would prefer to have a relaxed Christmas rather than a big formal hullabaloo, then we think you would enjoy spending the day drinking Butterbeer with your friends at the Three Broomsticks. With no pressure to make a massive Christmas dinner, or to be forced to listen to the same boring story your uncle has told a million times, you would be free to focus on having a casual yet great time. And with the warm and pleasant atmosphere of the pub setting your festive scene, we think you would still feel Christmassy even if your day was not entirely traditional.

If you love a good old festive knees-up… you’d spend Christmas at the Yule Ball

The Christmas season means one thing, lots of Christmas parties and festive shindigs. If you can’t wait to dust off your glitteriest outfit, throw on your dancing shoes and show off your best moves, then we think it would be a dream come true to go the Yule Ball. We can just imagine you looking resplendent in the finest dress robes, while enjoying the dulcet tones of the Weird Sisters, as you dance in the winter wonderland that the Great Hall has become. And you can be confident that an event like this would not be short of entertainment – what with a room full of romance, laughter and festive merriment. So, if you’re a social butterfly that loves a good time, this would be the perfect Christmas for you.

If you’d rather shut out all Christmassy things… you’d spend Christmas in the Forbidden Forest

For some people Christmas can be their worst nightmare. Just the thought of endless Christmas music, overcrowded shops, forced merriment and tacky decorations is enough to make them break out in hives. If this sounds like you, then we think you would adore getting away from the Christmas hubbub in the (relative) tranquillity of the Forbidden Forest. There you could shut out all the holiday rows, the never-ending list of gifts to buy and just find some peace and quiet. And yes, you might have to navigate your way around a tricky Acromantula encounter – but you’d would much rather be doing that than being forced to join in with the singing of yet another Christmas carol.