Gobstones? Quidditch? The Slug Club? Hanging out in the library? What would you do in your spare time at Hogwarts? We’ve theorised what would be best for your personality.

If you’re the sporty type... you’d play Quidditch

Hogwarts doesn’t have football or basketball or rounders... it doesn’t need to, because it has something far better! Yes, the magical sport of Quidditch is the thrill of the school – with the annual Quidditch Cup being a big deal for both spectators and players. Like, a really big deal. So, if you were always joining the extracurricular sports teams at school and couldn’t wait for P.E. – of course you’d be whizzing around on a broom, either batting Bludgers or catching Snitches!

Or - if you simply love to watch the sport instead of play it - maybe your hobby could be...constructing a giant lion hat to support your team, like Luna likes to do?

To find out what Quidditch position you’d play in, find out here.

If you’re a self-confessed bookworm... we’d find you in the library

Do you find a spiritual kinship with Hermione or Scorpius? Then we know where you’d be at Hogwarts immediately: nose deep in a big dusty book in the library! And to be fair, the Hogwarts library does sound really exciting (no matter how much Ron Weasley may disagree) with a wealth of interesting textbooks at your disposal, from the deepest wells of wizarding history to fascinating tomes full of obscure spells or potion recipes. Just don’t pick up that book that randomly starts screaming when you open it.

If you love board games... you’d join Gobstones Club

You might not know of Gobstones Club – it’s not really the most mainstream of Hogwarts hobbies, really, but it does sound quite fun if you love anything competitive. As Muggles, you most likely expend your magic on Monopoly or your sorcery on Scrabble. But for Hogwarts students – they have Wizard Chess and Gobstones. And as for what Gobstones is? Well, it’s sort of like marbles – except the stones spray a foul spray in your face if you lose. Harsh. You can learn more about the ancient wizarding game here.

Fun fact, Eileen Prince, Severus Snape’s mum, was President of the Hogwarts Gobstones Club back in her day. A shame that Snape didn’t take up the same interest – opting for the Dark Arts instead.

If you’re a social butterfly... we’d find you at the Slug Club

The wizarding world is full of distinguished witches and wizards – and that’s really what the Slug Club is all about. Professor Slughorn’s secret society, where he basically only invites people who impress him, was resurrected upon his return to Hogwarts in Harry’s sixth year. Of course, the Chosen One and Boy Who Lived Harry immediately found himself on the guest list alongside Cormac McLaggen and Blaise Zabini, who both had well-connected or rich family members.

But you didn’t necessarily need nepotism to swing an invite – Hermione was asked along to the Slug Club simply for being brilliant, and Ginny Weasley was also summoned after astonishing Slughorn with her Bat Bogey Hex.

So, if you’re particularly skilled at something and live for the gossip – a swanky dinner with Slughorn and co. might be on the cards.

If you’re an animal lover... we’d find you down at Hagrid’s Hut

If, like Newt Scamander, you’d opt for a magical creature over human company, we reckon you’d enjoy a cup of giant tea down at Hagrid’s hut to put the world to rights. Although Hagrid’s interest in magical creatures more swayed towards the deadly and scaly (as opposed to cute furry Nifflers) we imagine he’d teach you a lot about the fantastical animals that can be found around the Hogwarts grounds. Maybe he’d even take you for a trip to the Forbidden Forest to track down a unicorn. Or failing that, a Blast-Ended Skrewt. Still, all magical creatures are beautiful, right?

If you’re a bit of a rebel... we’d find you sneaking around Hogwarts

'Students out of bed!!!' Alright, confess. Are you the rebellious sort who is sadly allergic to following rules? Well, in that case, Argus Filch is going to find you a right nuisance. Or perhaps you’re just adventurous and curious – always the one to keep a night out going the longest, or always excited to find the weirdest location you can during a holiday.

To be fair to you, Hogwarts is one of the most mysterious and wonderful places we come across in the wizarding world – and we can’t really blame you if you’d want to have an extra look around after dark. If so, please be careful, and don an Invisibility Cloak and grab a Marauder’s Map, if possible. You never know what surprises you may run into.

If you’ve got a lot on your mind... try Duelling Club

Feeling a bit preoccupied? Got some stuff to get off your chest? Then perhaps join Professor Lockhart and Snape down at Duelling Club, where students learn all manner of curses, hexes and defensive spells. This is where Harry learnt one of his most valued spells, Expelliarmus, and where Draco Malfoy learnt to be... well, more antagonistic than usual. But if played in a healthy, sporting manner, we imagine some friendly spells among mates is good, innocent fun. And it’s probably therapeutic if you’re in a bad mood.

If you’re a stickler for the rules... you’d be a Hogwarts prefect

Maybe you don’t need an extracurricular activity because you’re too busy running after students? Yes, if you’re top of the class, positively drowning in O.W.L.s, we reckon you’d make a proper good prefect, like Hermione, Cedric or Percy. Being a prefect isn’t just about the fancy bathroom, though (we really want to try those taps!) but about setting a shining example for the younger students. Of course, Hermione excelled at it, while Ron was a bit more lenient.

If you just like to keep it casual – you’d simply be hanging out in the common room

You know what? Maybe you don’t need a hobby! You’re in and out of lessons all day learning magic, for Merlin’s sake. You’re tired! Perhaps after a long day of Potions, Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, you just want to hang up your robes and depart to a squishy armchair next to a crackling fire. Let the others play Quidditch or get detention for sneaking around the Hogwarts library restricted section – you’ll settle for gossiping about them with your friends, Ernie Macmillan style.

Which Hogwarts hobby would you take up?