Could you be the youngest Seeker in a century? A Chaser to rival Angelina Johnson? Or perhaps you’d be king of the Keepers like Oliver Wood? Let the Quidditch tryouts begin!

For thrill-seeking adventurers, you should be a Seeker

Notable Seekers: Viktor Krum, Glynnis Griffiths, Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley

Seeker objective: Catch the Golden Snitch before the other team’s Seeker

Seeker would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you keep a cool head under pressure and never shy away from shouldering responsibility. Individuality is important to you; you love the limelight, but you believe working as part of a team makes your success all the more meaningful. You notice small details that other people don’t and often follow your instincts when the way forward is unclear. You are bold and brave in the face of physical danger and would never dream of running the other way.

Harry chasing the the golden snitch

For a goal-orientated team player, you should be a Chaser

Notable Chasers: Ginny Weasley, Dragomir Gorgovitch, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell

Chaser objective: Throw the Quaffle through one of the three goal hoops

Chaser would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you’re a team player and feel most fulfilled when working towards a common goal. You read situations quickly, and often successfully pre-empt a particular outcome. You don’t crack under pressure, but you prefer to share the burden of responsibility with a select and trustworthy few. You’re excellent at thinking on your feet and unafraid of a challenge. You don’t shy away from hard work and are a fan of the mantra, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. For you, victory isn’t sweet unless it’s shared.

Quidditch Pitch and its stands from the Half Blood Prince

For the selfless, you should be a Keeper

Notable Keepers: Oliver Wood, Ronald Weasley, Barry Ryan, Cormac McLaggen

Keeper objective: Protect the hoops from goal-scoring Chasers

Keeper would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you’re an all-or-nothing kind of person, for whom there is no middle ground. Good or bad, that’s how you see things. You save the goal, or you let it in – no grey area exists. You stand strong in the face of adversity and cope well under pressure, as well as under intense scrutiny. You are happy to sacrifice personal glory for the good of others, even if it means you’re the centre of negative (rather than positive) attention. When it comes to a showdown, you always stand your ground. Some might describe you as an unsung hero or heroine, but you don’t need their praise to know your own worth.

Ron Keeper Quidditch falling HP6

For the free-spirited exuberant, you should be a Beater

Notable Beaters: Kevin and Karl Broadmoor, Gwenog Jones, Fred and George Weasley

Keeper objective: Protect team members from Bludgers using a bat

Beater would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you’re fiercely protective of your friends, sometimes taking it to... extremes. Rather than focussing on specific goals, you prefer to take life as it comes, and go with the flow. When you have a challenge in your sights, however, there’s no holding you back. You’re a team player, but only as long as you’re enjoying your own role within the group. You prefer to tackle new obstacles as they arise, rather than plan for them in advance. People call you unpredictable, mainly because you have a strong sense of fun and nobody can tie you down. You only live once, right?

For the thick-skinned, you should be a referee

Notable referees: Madam Hooch, Hassan Mostafa

Referee objective: Implement the rules of Quidditch in a fair manner

Referee would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you have a clear and unshakeable moral compass and don’t mind getting a bit of stick. You are never swayed by bias and judge events based on the facts in front of you rather than making any assumptions, even if people are arguing otherwise. If you are convinced of a particular way forward, you will not be deterred, even if it makes you unpopular. Indeed, a referee of any sport requires a thick skin, and judging by some of the injuries we’ve heard about Quidditch referees suffering, we might mean literally.

Quidditch crowd stands image

If you have a way with words, you should be a commentator

Notable commentators: Lee Jordan, Luna Lovegood, Ludo Bagman

Commentator objective: Communicate the action on the Quidditch pitch to the crowd

Commentator would be the right Quidditch position for you if… … you prefer to watch the action rather than be caught up in it – but that doesn’t mean you don’t know exactly what’s going on. You like facts and figures, and you have an excellent memory for names and faces. You have a love of words and like the sound of your own voice, and others like listening to you too. You are generally trustworthy, honest and call things as you see them. You also have an infectious sense of humour and don’t mind being the centre of attention – even if you’re happy on the sidelines most of the time. And, of course, you are absolutely, 100% impartial.

Quidditch Luna lion hat image