Watch David Tennant, with a special appearance from David Beckham, read the eleventh chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, for Harry Potter At Home.

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For Chapter Eleven, we have not one, but two Davids for you! Today, David Tennant, with David Beckham, narrate Harry’s Quidditch match against Slytherin. But catching the Snitch soon becomes the least of Harry’s worries...

Over the duration of his twenty-seven-year acting career, David Tennant has left a trail of memorable characters over an expansive and diverse array of film, television and on-stage credits. This is not David’s first foray into the wizarding world: he portrayed Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

David is most recognisable for his portrayal as the tenth Doctor on the widely beloved series Doctor Who. The BBC science fiction series itself has become a pop culture fixture and a cult classic, running for over 50 years. For his incarnation, David won three TV Quick Awards, three SFX Awards, and four National Television Awards and was honoured with the Special Recognition Award in 2015.

During the video, you’ll enjoy a fantastic cameo by David Beckham. One of the world’s most recognised personalities, David Beckham, OBE is one of England’s most successful footballers. Beckham’s football career boasts 20 years with some of the most successful clubs in the world: Manchester United, Real Madrid, A C Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint- Germain and the England National team which he captained for six years. He has also played a crucial role, as Goodwill Ambassador, in helping the UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, promote and protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Look forward to more famous faces and friends of the Wizarding World (and beyond!) to help us to read through all seventeen chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone over the upcoming weeks. You can see all of our chapters right here in our chapter hub.


You may notice some wonderful drawings representing the chapter during the read-through. Look forward to more artwork in every chapter and read below to see how you can get involved in contributing yourself.

You can also listen to ‘Quidditch’ on Spotify if you fancy an audio-only version.

Chapter Eleven: ‘Quidditch’ – Further reading and new activities

Now that you’ve refreshed your memory of J.K. Rowling’s eleventh chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone for our US readers), here’s more about ‘Quidditch’.

  • How much did you just learn? For the young (and the young at heart!) – try our new Chapter Challenge! Collect house points as you complete chapter-themed tasks and quizzes, along with a secret quest. Oh and speaking of ‘house points’ remember to get sorted into your Hogwarts house too!

  • For those who’ve visited the wizarding world before – we are, of course, thinking about Quidditch today. If you were a Quidditch player, which position would you like to be in? We’ve put together this handy guide with our recommendations.

  • As you will have heard in Chapter Eleven, Quidditch matches get very competitive at Hogwarts with students supporting their own house teams. How about coming up with your own Quidditch cheer for your Hogwarts house? Try it here with Scholastic’s activity sheet to help you!. And if you don’t yet know which house you belong to, you can find out here

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