Published on Jul 2nd 2020

Make your very own scrapbook of Harry Potter characters with Scholastic

Read about some of the characters Scholastic would include in their Harry Potter scrapbook and then make your own! You can even use a template they’ve provided on their website – you’ll see the link at the bottom of the article. Best chapter video for meeting new characters - Chapter Six: The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

Harry Potter Who’s Who: Introducing the Dursleys

Learn all about the dreadful Dursleys with this article from Bloomsbury, plus you can find a link to the Who’s Who page on their website where you can find out other facts about Harry Potter characters. Best chapter video for introducing the Dursleys - Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass.

A handy guide to reading the Harry Potter books for the first time

The Wizarding World team have put together this guide if you’re just embarking on your first ever Hogwarts journey. It has handy tips and introductions to get you started. Best chapter video to start your journey with: Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived

Twenty fantastic facts about Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone from Bloomsbury

Can you answer these twenty questions about the book that started off Harry Potter’s journey? Have a go, and when you’ve answered as many as you can – Bloomsbury have provided a beautiful infographic to help you learn even more about the first Harry Potter book. Best chapter video for learning some magical facts - Chapter Eight: The Potions Master

Ten words you need to know when reading the first Harry Potter book

The magical world is full of new and wonderful things, including words! This article from Bloomsbury will really help you out when you come across some of the trickier ones at the start of Harry’s journey. And if you want to look up more magical words, you can find a link in the article to Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Glossary on their website. Best chapter video for silly magical words - Chapter Seven: The Sorting Hat

How to cast a spell over everyday games

Forget wizard chess, this article is all about bringing some magical activities into your home. The Wizarding World team teach you how to play Wizard’s hangman, Harry Potter Bingo and Snitches & Lightning Bolts! Best chapter video for wizard games: Chapter Eleven: Quidditch

Make reading Harry Potter even more fun with these three easy tips from Scholastic

Scholastic has set out some great ideas to inspire you with your reading, from reading aloud to making art part of your Harry Potter experience. Speaking of art, how about checking out our Crafting Magic collection too, where you can find video tutorials about drawing magical beasts to making a broomstick keyring! Best chapter video for magical imagination - Chapter Five: Diagon Alley

Learn some friendship lessons and discover your best friend with Bloomsbury

Hogwarts might be a school of magic, but starting at Hogwarts is as much about making friends, as it is learning spells. Read all about the wizarding friendship from the first Harry Potter book in this article, and then find out who would be your Hogwarts best friend with Bloomsbury’s fun quiz. Best chapter video for friendship: Chapter Ten: Hallowe’en

Chapter Challenges for Chapters One to Eleven

Have you been taking our Chapter Challenges? We release one with every chapter video reading, where you can collect house points with every challenge and secret quest you complete. We’ll test you on everything from your ability to draw Dudley with a pig’s tail to whether you can get your whole household to use a secret password, just like Gryffindor Tower.

Find Chapter Challenges, and even more first year reading fun here. And if you’re ready for a challenge, you can find puzzles and quizzes about the first Harry Potter book here.