During their studies, Hogwarts students must consider which subjects they want to take further for their O.W.L exams - and then beyond to their N.E.W.T.s. So, which class would you take? We’ve made some deductions based on your personality.

If you’re crafty and creative... you’d take Charms

Despite what Neville’s grandmother says about Charms being a ‘soft option’, it actually sounds like one of the most useful Hogwarts lessons out there. We’re told that Harry’s mum, Lily, was particularly adept at casting charms (remember Professor Slughorn’s anecdote about the lily that turned into a fish?) and the spells you learn in the lesson sound, well, quite charming.

Charms allow you to conjure things from thin air, bewitch objects, move things, or simply make your day a little easier. Whether it’s decorating the house for Christmas or opening a locked door, every Charm just seems to make the world a bit brighter. And we’re not just talking about Lumos!

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If you’re good at future-planning or obsessed with your weekly Horoscope... you’d take Divination

Are you one of those people that schedules every little thing in your life? Daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, a perfectly colour-coded calendar, perhaps? In that case, you’d probably enjoy Divination, even if certain people (ahem, Hermione) are sceptical of the subject holding much truth to it. But imagine how useful it would be to be able to decipher your dreams, read tea leaves and understand the stars! Sure, with the subject being inconsistent, you may not win the lottery, but you might at least have a good idea if it’s going to rain next Tuesday.

If you’re a fabulous cook... you’d take Potions

Potions is all about precision, timing, creativity and good intuition. It’s also about ignoring the chiding words of Severus Snape, but we imagine you don’t have that problem. So, if you love cooking, are constantly baking bread or already mentally planning your next big lasagne – we feel like Potions class would lend itself well to your expertise as a transferrable skill.

After all, following the instructions of a potion (stirring things counter-clockwise, chopping ingredients in the absolutely perfect way, etc.) is basically like cooking Muggle recipes. And thanks to a good cook/Potioneer’s natural instincts, you would already know certain pitfalls to avoid. Remember when Neville’s Shrinking Solution turned orange? You, as an intuitive food expert, would never let this happen to your concoction, unless you were making marmalade.


If you like solving puzzles... you’d take Ancient Runes

The elusive Ancient Runes is not a Hogwarts subject we know much about, as Harry didn’t take it. Hermione did, however, and was often seen with a big chunky textbook on the topic. So, this is certainly a class for the deeper thinkers among you, as it’s all about translating and solving things. We imagine it’s all a bit like a cryptic crossword – only a thousand times harder. But if you have a logical brain and a lot of patience, we imagine you’d get a lot out of Ancient Runes, just as much as you get out of your Sunday afternoon Sudoku puzzle.

If you’re an indecisive person... you’d take Transfiguration

Life is full of trivial decisions to make – which outfit to wear, what hairstyle to have, which meals to cook, which books to read. Thankfully, with Transfiguration, if you change your mind about something, you can magically alter it. Professor McGonagall’s class is all about the power of transformation – turning animals into water goblets, things like that. If you get really good at Transfiguration, you could even learn about more advanced things, like how to become an Animagus. Ultimately, this is the perfect strand of magic for people who just don’t know what they want – so at least you know you’d be making a good decision by picking this for your O.W.L.s!


If you love sci-fi movies, you’d take Astronomy

Astronomy is all about studying stars and analysing the movement of planets – an O.W.L topic for the more celestial-minded people reading this. We imagine those who love space films might enjoy this topic, as you’ll be learning all about what is going on in the great beyond. Just be careful when listening to this complex lesson – Harry once thought Jupiter’s moon Europa was covered in mice, not ice.

If you’ve got a head for numbers... you’d take Arithmancy

Arithmancy is another lesson we didn’t learn much about, but thanks to Hermione (who, of course, took it) we have a basic idea. Arithmancy is all about finding the magic in numbers – and numerous magical jobs, including being a Curse-Breaker, depended on you having an O.W.L in this subject. So, basically, if you understood simultaneous equations and know the numbers of Pi off by heart, your brain would adore Arithmancy.

If you’re obsessed with Wikipedia articles... you’d take History of Magic

We never got the best impression of History of Magic through Harry’s eyes, as it was taught by Professor Binns, who never had the best...delivery of the subject. But come on, this is History of Magic! There are hundreds of amazing stories from wizarding past that we’d love to know more about! If you feel the same and consider yourself a bit of a Muggle history buff, then just imagine how much there is to unfurl here. We can just picture you now, nose-deep in a book about the goblin rebellions, at two o’ clock in the morning.

If you’re constantly buying plants... you’d take Herbology

Plants just put us all in a better mood – although some of the species we meet in Professor Sprout’s lessons are a little more complicated. Still, if you’re quite green fingered (ie: you don’t kill a house plant within four seconds of owning it) you’d probably excel in Herbology easily. Despite the odd bout of Devil’s Snare or avoiding the cries of a Mandrake, it strikes us as a soothing subject. After all, Neville loved it.


If you’re always seeking justice... you’d take Defence Against the Dark Arts

The wizarding world had a darker side, as we know all too well, making Defence Against the Dark Arts a crucial subject for Harry. In fact, this was always Harry’s favourite lesson. The subject wasn’t just about learning about Dark magical creatures, deadly curses or learning defensive magic, though, it was about building up a steely determination against the evils of the world. If you are particularly passionate about upholding justice in society, Defence Against the Dark Arts would be perfect.


If you love animals or even just cat memes... you’d take Care of Magical Creatures

Despite Harry, Ron and Hermione not choosing to study this topic to O.W.L level – we love the idea of Care of Magical Creatures. Sure, with Hagrid teaching the topic, you were more likely to study a Blast-Ended Skrewt rather than, you know, something nice – but credit to Hagrid who also taught us about Nifflers and Hippogriffs – both fascinating magical creatures in their own right. Our hero from Fantastic Beasts, Newt Scamander, loved them so much he became a Magizoologist, and taught us about the kindness and patience it takes to be one. The animal-lovers among you will no doubt be aware of being patient with our own Muggle pets, so this is one for you.

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Which Hogwarts subject speaks to you the most?