In chapters 10-13 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, our theme is: "Friendship, fun and family". This week, things start to get spooky as we see Hogwarts during Hallowe'en - Harry plays competitive Quidditch - and new alliances are made.

At Hogwarts, Harry discovers a new family in the friends he makes - and in chapters 10-13, which we're looking at this week, he discovers different meanings of the word 'family' - such as becoming best friends with Hermione - and getting a glimpse of the family he never knew.

So! Learn how to play our chapter challenges if you haven't seen them before (one for every chapter, naturally) and even build your own Hogwarts house points jar so you can collect house points as you go along. Our next three challenges are ready for you here.

Chapter Ten: Hallowe'en
Chapter Eleven: Quidditch
Chapter Twelve: The Mirror of Erised
Chapter Thirteen: Nicolas Flamel

In this week's audiobook extract (as read by Stephen Fry) listen to the emotional moment Harry discovers his family inside the Mirror of Erised.

Listen to our fourth audio clip here.

As ever, explore our collection page for week three to find new activities, puzzles, reading guides and print-outs from Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic.

Learn how to make broomstick bookmarks, invent your own Quidditch-inspired sports, and pretend it's Hallowe'en already with some spooky craft ideas.

We'll also be telling you about ghosts in the wizarding world, challenging you with a first year Quiddich quiz and inviting you to colour-in your own Hogwarts crests. Lots to do!

Join us for our final week of Harry Potter Reading Magic soon - when we'll explore Chapters 14-17. And if you missed our third week - don't worry, there's always time to step back.