Published on Oct 28th 2020
Hogwarts is hard to beat when it comes to Hallowe’en. Pumpkins, candles, live bats and all those ghosts floating around. But never fear! We’ve got some crafting ideas and videos to help you get into the spooky spirit …

Get decorating… with bats

The Great Hall might have live bats fluttering about at Hallowe’en but we’ve got the next best thing. In this video, we teach you how to make bats that you can place around your home. You’ll be sure to create a Hallowe’en in the Great Hall atmosphere with these creepy critters hanging around…

Get crafting… with cauldron bowls

The Hallowe’en feast at Hogwarts has golden plates and goblets, and plenty to eat – unless you’re Nearly Headless Nick – and it’s no different outside of the wizarding world. With all the tasty food and treats around on 31st October, you’ll be needing something to keep it all in easy reach! With this brilliant video you can learn how to make cauldron bowls. Will yours be Standard Size 2 or will you go bigger? We can’t think of a better place to keep all your Hallowe’en treats!

Get creepy… and make your own Aragog

We don’t know about you, but one of the scariest moments of the Harry Potter series was in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry and Ron were faced with Acromantula, Aragog. How about having a go at making this paper mache giant spider to decorate your home at Hallowe’en. Hide him in the corner and no doubt it’ll give someone a fright! Watch this video to learn how to make Hagrid’s eight-legged friend…

Get creative… with house bracelet treats

Traditionally, the treat part of trick or treat is all about the chocolate, sweets, candy… But how about making something for your household as a treat that would last longer than a toffee apple? These friendship bracelets are easy to make, and you can choose the correct colours for the Hogwarts house each person belongs to… Watch this video and learn how to make them below: