We always love catching up with Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the duo that spearhead the graphic design innovations behind the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. Today, we chatted to the duo about their latest book, that spans across two decades of their work.

First thing's first: we asked Mira and Eduardo to explain the thought process behind this new tome, the Magic of MinaLima.

Mira and Eduardo originally got to know each other through letters - and from there, it was "magic at first sight" as Eduardo puts it.

And over the years, MinaLima have crafted some of the most memorable pieces across the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, but the power of books has always been a through line for the team - from designing fictitious book covers in the films (such as Advanced Potion Making) to creating their own. The Magic of MinaLima serves as the ultimate testament to their work in the Wizarding World so far. Stuffed with manuscripts, sketches, concepts and much more, what were MinaLima most excited about including in this compendium?

Now, as any good designer knows, the devil is always in the details. For Mira and Eduardo, they are known for so many key pieces across the films of the Wizarding World, such as the Daily Prophet and Marauder's Map. But what are some of the more subtle elements of the films they enjoyed making?

Of course, combing back the years is an incredibly nostalgic expericence for the pair, with Mira describing the project as like creating a family album.

And so, MinaLima have cast their Time-Turner back to the past. But what does the future hold for this design team?

The Magic of MinaLima: Celebrating the Graphic Design Studio Behind the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Films is available at minalima.com, the Harry Potter shop (in both the US and the UK) and wherever books are sold.