To celebrate the upcoming launch of Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition, we’re looking at some of your favourite Quidditch teams and which houses like certain ones. It’s not all about the Chudley Cannons, you know.

When you sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club, one of the fun things you can do is pick your Favourites: AKA your top things about the wizarding world, from favourite characters to favourite Quidditch teams. You can learn more about Favourites here if you haven’t chosen yours yet!

With the upcoming release of Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition coming soon (published 6th October – learn more about that here) we’ve been looking into some of your favourite Quidditch teams, all of which are beautifully illustrated in the new book.


First, a quick reminder: in the wizarding world, there is a British and Irish Quidditch League, with teams up and down the country representing select villages, towns and cities. Think of it like the wizarding world’s equivalent of the football league. As you can see from Emily Gravett’s illustration above – each team comes with its own history, colours and crest, and you can pick some of these to be your favourite team on your profile here. So, which team resonated with our fans the most? Take a look.

The most popular Quidditch team is...

The Holyhead Harpies! Yes, the Quidditch team (famous for being the only one to be made up entirely of women) struck a chord with our Harry Potter Fan Club members the most, winning the top slot by a landslide. Interestingly, Ravenclaws were the house most likely to pick this team.

And a fun fact for you: the Holyhead Harpies is the team that Ginny would go on to play for after Hogwarts.

And in second place...

The Chudley Canons! Ron Weasley’s beloved team, famous for their vibrant orange colours, came in second place in our list altogether – although Slytherins favoured this team far less than the other three houses... It should be no surprise, however, that Ron’s house, Gryffindor, was the house that were most likely to pick Chudley Cannons as their team.

In third place...

The Falmouth Falcons! A bit more of a leftfield choice makes up our top three, but all four houses are in agreement on this one. Again, Ravenclaws loved them the most, and Hufflepuffs the least.

Other interesting things...

  • Ravenclaws were most likely to pick Puddlemere United, the oldest team in the Quidditch league, as their favourite. Also, their outfits are blue which suit the Ravenclaw colours!

  • Slytherins were most likely to pick the team Ballycastle Bats as their favourite. Interesting – Snape, who was Head of Slytherin house, was once described as a bat.

  • In regards to our Favourites and our users, Hufflepuffs were the least interested in picking Quidditch teams, usually placed last looking at the data of each team. Slytherins weren’t far behind them either. Quidditch isn’t for everybody, and that’s OK!

  • Ravenclaws, however, just seem to really like Quidditch! Based on these results, anyway. More often than not, Ravenclaws were top of the list when it came to picking favourite teams – seven of them, in fact.

So, did your favourite team make our top three? Or are you yet to pick your Favourites?

And remember, Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition is released 6th October with Scholastic in the US and Bloomsbury in the UK. Or you can visit our Quidditch hub to learn all about the wizarding sport, with quizzes, features and more.