Every four years we are lucky enough to get the gift of a whole extra day. How would you spend that time if you were in the wizarding world? Would it be an excuse for a new adventure? Or an opportunity for extra quality time with your family? We’ve had a think and made some decisions based on your personality.

If you believe that Leap Day is for celebrating… we would find you in the Three Broomsticks

A whole 24 hours that only comes around once every four years? Something as rare as that is definitely worth celebrating. If you wholeheartedly agree, then we think we would find you swigging Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks. You’re probably the type of person who needs no excuse to make an occasion out of something. It’s pancake day? You’ve made a veritable feast with twelve different types of pancake. Valentine’s Day? You put cupid to shame. A random Thursday in February? Well, a good old party would certainly make things less dreary.

In the wizarding world you would be just the same. The Three Broomsticks would be a hub of activity, with witches, wizards, warlocks and even a goblin or two making an appearance. There would be Butterbeer, games of Exploding Snap and maybe even a couple of Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs to round off this special day.

Want to spend Leap Day getting ahead on your reading? Then you would be in the Hogwarts Library

For all you bookworms out there, we think the prospect of a bonus day completely dedicated to reading sounds like a dream come true. Imagine having the time to get lost in a new world. Or the opportunity to start learning something new. Or the chance to catch up on that reading you were supposed to do last week. The perfect place to do all that? The Hogwarts library.

With a collection of every magical book that you could only dream of, this is where you would choose to spend Leap Day. You would browse the shelves carefully selecting your chosen read – whilst avoiding the books that are a little bit, let’s say, lively (The Monster Book of Monsters, we mean you). You would then settle down to read, ignoring the world around you… and avoiding the shushing of Madam Pince.

If you think Leap Day is a great excuse for an adventure… you would spend it in the Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest is not a location for the fainthearted… what with the creatures that would very much like to make you their lunch and all that. However, aside from the hungry Acromantula, it is a place full of mystery and secrets – perfect for those who love nothing more than adventure.

As someone who loves a bit of excitement in their life and is not afraid to take risks, you would spend Leap Day in the Forbidden Forest. You might just be lucky enough to spot a unicorn or observe the centaurs gazing at the stars. Or maybe you’ll just explore the paths, admire the towering trees and delight in uncovering some of the Forest’s most closely guarded secrets.

Think Leap Day is the perfect time for extra family fun? Then you would spend it at The Burrow

When we think of family in the wizarding world, one of the places that always comes to mind is The Burrow… A home full of love, laughter and a healthy dose of bickering. With nine Weasleys, it full of constant chaos and the perfect place to spend Leap Day if family fun is what you are looking for.

And as someone who is a homebody that actively chooses to hang out with every member of their family (yes, even that ‘lively’ Great Aunt who would give Ron’s Auntie Muriel a run for her money), you could think of nothing better than spending your extra day here. Whether you were enjoying a home-cooked meal courtesy of Mrs Weasley, de-gnomeing the garden or playing Quidditch in the orchard, this is how you would want to spend your bonus 24 hours.

If you think that Leap Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge in your hobbies… we would find you on the Quidditch pitch

Do you have a sport or hobby you adore? Are you always striving to be the best? And do you have a competitive streak that would give Oliver Wood a run for his money? Then we know exactly what you would do with your extra day in the wizarding world – practise your Quidditch skills of course!

What an opportunity. A day you normally wouldn’t have to brush up on your technique, learn new strategies and practise, practise and practise some more. You can bet that your rivals won’t be making the most of their extra 24 hours, giving you the edge. As someone whose competitiveness can almost be a little scary, nothing fills you with more glee than knowing you will be the one to master the Wronski Feint first… Oliver Wood would be proud.