When Dobby the house-elf was freed, it gave him a new lease on life and allowed him to explore his love of weird and wonderful outfits. But what fashion tips would he have for you? Let’s see…

More is always more

Some people may believe that to be considered chic a ‘less is more’ approach is the best way forward – but that was never Dobby’s fashion philosophy. He firmly believed that more was more when it came to putting together an outfit. Why wear one hat when you can wear a tower of hats instead? That’s what Dobby did. He ended up wearing all the hats Hermione had knitted to free the other house-elves at once. And to add just a bit more pizazz to this already jazzy outfit, he even had a hooting Hedwig perched on top. There’s no doubt that he would have certainly stood out in a crowd. There’s nothing wrong with that – sometimes it’s fun to have that extra bit of wow factor.

Never underestimate the power of a sock

When you were a kid there seemed to be nothing worse than receiving a pair of socks for your birthday. Socks are boring, right? Wrong! As Dobby proved to us, the power of the sock should never be underestimated. It was one particularly smelly sock that granted him his freedom in the first place. And from that moment on his love for socks only grew – the more lurid the better! And his one main rule? Your socks should never match. He even gave Harry an excellently mismatched pair – who wouldn’t want one bright red sock with broomsticks paired with a green sock covered in Snitches? We know we would… even if Harry didn’t fully appreciate them. So, remember to embrace socks, they’re more fun and powerful than you think.

Anything can be an accessory

One major lesson we learnt from Dobby was that anything can be an accessory. You don’t have to stick to your scarves, hats, necklaces and handbags made out of traditional materials. If you want to wear a tea-cosy on your head covered in badges, then you absolutely should. That was a look that Dobby went for, and he looked very stylish (even if we do say so ourselves). And did you know that a tea-cosy can be incredibly versatile too? Like Dobby, you could always add a bauble for a bit of festive cheer. When it comes to accessories, we should all be thinking outside of the box. Any household item can be used to transform a drab outfit if you have enough imagination. Whether it’s adding some fairy lights to an old dress or using a tasselled lampshade as a new hat, the possibilities are endless.

Feel free to experiment

Who wants to wear the same boring outfit over and over again? Dobby certainly didn’t! He was always looking to put together brand-new looks. While not everyone appreciated them, it just proved that he was a fashion icon ahead of his time. You want to wear mismatching socks? Go for it. You want to pair some football shorts with a tie? Well, why not? Dobby had a real knack for coming up with inventive outfit combinations that most people would never dream of. He didn’t care if the colours clashed or if certain items didn’t strictly go together. He had fun! And so should you.

Never worry what other people think

Unfortunately, people can be judgemental and refuse to mind their own business – especially if someone appears to be a little different. But you don’t need to let it get to you. Something that comes up time and time again in Dobby’s guide to fashion is this… do not worry what other people think of you. Do what makes you happy. Dobby certainly did. He got great enjoyment from anything to do with clothes. There was not one moment where he stopped to consider anyone else’s opinion. This house-elf knew what he liked – mainly odd socks – and wore his clothes with pride. To be honest, we could all do with being a bit more Dobby.