Published on Jun 27th 2021
For our beloved house-elf’s birthday, we have put together a list of all our very favourite Dobby moments – from his (often questionable) attempts at saving Harry Potter’s life to his excellent fashion choices…

When Dobby dropped that pudding

Dobby certainly made quite the first impression. Within minutes of meeting Harry, he had turned his life into absolute chaos… all in a bid to try and keep Harry safe (according to Dobby that is). But there was something particularly hilarious about how one simple Hover Charm ruined Vernon Dursley’s business deal, obliterated Aunt Petunia’s pièce de resistance and left Harry covered in pudding and unable to explain himself…

When Dobby only wanted Harry to go home grievously injured...

Dobby would not stop trying to save Harry’s life. Whether he was trying to frame Harry for using underage magic (that poor dessert), closing the barrier at King’s Cross or making a Bludger go after Harry repeatedly – he was one determined house-elf. Though one particularly memorable moment is the way he tried to rationalise and justify his actions. He didn’t want to kill Harry… he just wanted to maim him (for his protection of course).

When Dobby was finally free

We can only dream of how awful it would be to have the Malfoys for masters. Their cruelty, snobbery, bigotry and insecurity made them a pretty foul family. They also treated Dobby abysmally. Our hearts broke every time we witnessed or heard about their brutality towards such a lovely and wonderful character. So, the moment that Dobby realised he was free of his toxic owners was definitely one of our favourite moments. Dobby was now a free elf... and there was nothing Lucius Malfoy could do about it.

When Dobby fully embraced his new style

In Goblet of Fire, a whole new world of fashion opportunities opened up for Dobby. No longer did he have to wear old tea towels, pillowcases and rags – but whatever his heart desired. Dobby certainly embraced this and became quite the fashionista. He wore what he liked and didn’t care that his outfits were considered eccentric to say the least. But there was one rule he was fond of: that a pair of socks should never match.

When we found out Dobby was finally being paid for his work

Life isn’t always easy for free house-elves. The majority of the wizarding world don’t want to pay for the services of an elf when they can get it for nothing. So, while it was excellent that Dobby no longer had to answer to anyone – he was still in a tricky spot. Therefore, we were so happy to see him pop up again at Hogwarts. Not only was he back near his dear Harry, but he also didn’t have to compromise on his desire to get paid for his work.

When Dobby couldn’t let Harry lose his ‘Wheezy’

This was one incident where it truly was Dobby to the rescue. Even though Harry had managed to figure out that the second task of the Triwizard Tournament took place in the lake… he hadn’t sorted out how he was going to hold his breath for an entire hour. This is where Dobby got his moment to shine. He brought Harry the Gillyweed that would let him breathe underwater and find his precious Wheezy.

When we discovered where all Hermione’s hats went…

Hermione was on a mission to free all the house-elves – whether they liked it or not. And as they ended up refusing to clean the Gryffindor common room (because of all the hidden hats), Dobby found himself with a brand-new wardrobe at his fingertips – lucky him! We particularly enjoyed how he decided that one hat didn’t quite have the desired effect he was after. What he needed to look really cool was a tower of hats, topped with a hooting Hedwig…we’re just glad that someone appreciated Hermione’s knitting.

When Dobby wanted everyone to have a very ‘Harry’ Christmas

Harry never seemed to be far from Dobby’s thoughts – as demonstrated by his choice of Christmas decorations. Though Harry may not have appreciated them, we think his choice of baubles was inspired – who wouldn’t want to see their own face plastered around the Room of Requirement? It might not have been Harry’s cup of tea, but you have to give Dobby points for his incredible commitment and flair. We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Harry walked into that Christmassy chaos...

When Dobby gave Harry a unique present…

Dobby was responsible for giving Harry some… interesting gifts over the years. But this one has to top them all. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Dobby painstakingly trying to capture Harry’s likeness – only for it to be compared to a 'gibbon that had been in a fight'...

When Dobby saved his friends at Malfoy Manor

We may joke about Dobby’s endless admiration of Harry, but when it came down to it, Dobby was the most loyal friend you could ask for. His love for Harry never wavered and this was most evident when he came to rescue Harry and his friends from Malfoy Manor. Dobby must have been so terrified to go back to the place and the people that had terrorised him for so many years. But this brave house-elf stood strong, returned, and saved them all. While we all know the tragic ending to this chapter, we want to remember the moment that Dobby stood up to his former masters and proved once and for all that he really was a free elf.

Do you agree with our favourite Dobby moments? Or do you have a favourite that hasn’t been mentioned?