Is there a ghostly chill in the air? Or is that just Nearly Headless Nick? Yes, if you are on this page, it is likely to be near to Hallowe'en season! Or - maybe you just love Hallowe'en all year round and you came here anyway. Either way, enjoy this little collection of the best spooky delights from the wizarding world. From pumpkin pasties to poltergeists, embrace your Hallowe'en spirit with us.


Why Hallowe’en was so important for Harry Potter

The chilling night of Hallowe’en held a particularly poignant value for Harry. And not because he liked trick-or-treating.

New spooky portraits await
Something wicked has arrived in the Portrait Maker! Halloween is on the horizon, so it's time to deck out your avatar in a new look to celebrate. Blood-flavoured lollipop, anyone?
Try some spooky streams with Max
As Halloween season fast approaches, what's on your watch list for this year? From Harry Potter to scary classics, check out what Max has to offer.

Some scary seconds