From pumpkin carving to making your own eerie lanterns, there are plenty of excellent wizarding Hallowe’en crafts that you can try at home. Here’s a roundup of all the creepy creations that you need for this spooky season…

Try our Make it Magic Hallowe’en crafts…

If you enjoy nothing more than filling your home with Hallowe’en creations, you needn’t look any further than our Make it Magic video. We have five completely different crafts for you to get stuck into. Watch our video and learn how to make menacing bug filled lanterns, paper pumpkins, balloon owls, scary spiders and even house themed banners.

Download the Gryffindor house mascot here

Download the Slytherin house mascot here

Download the Hufflepuff house mascot here

Download the Ravenclaw house mascot here

This video involves sharp tools, so adults should always supervise children

Carve your own wizarding pumpkins…

Nothing quite says Hallowe’en like carving a pumpkin and we’ve got the perfect templates for you. Watch as the Pumpkin Freak shows you how to carve your very own magical designs in his video tutorials. If you’re looking for something basic, why not try the Snitch? Or if you fancy a challenge, you should give the Hogwarts crest a go. If that’s not enough, you can also download step-by-step guides as well as both templates from our website.

Download your Hogwarts crest here

Download your Snitch here!

This video involves sharp tools, so adults should always supervise children

Add a little Hogwarts Mystery with these pumpkin templates…

Finally, if you’re looking for even more pumpkin inspiration, we have some brilliant templates thanks to Hogwarts Mystery and Jam City. From watchful owls, to the Sorting Hat, to Hogwarts castle itself, you can download and print these templates and be ready for a Wizarding World Hallowe’en.

Download here

pumpkin templates 3

Download here

pumpkin templates 4

Download here

pumpkin templates 5

Download here