In March, we celebrate Hogwarts House Pride! From our new Quiz Championship to shop discounts for Harry Potter Fan Club members, come along with us and fully embrace your house in all sorts of fun ways.

UPDATE: Our Quiz Championship has now ended. See which house won right here!

Here's everything you need to know about our House Pride season.

Wait, what is Hogwarts House Pride again?

If you're here with us on, we're going to hazard a guess that you've discovered your Hogwarts house. (If not, you can right here!)

So throughout March, we're having fun with our Hogwarts houses and inviting you to join us in celebrating your wizarding tribe.

Be you Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, we want to know how special your Hogwarts house is to you. That could be sending us a selfie of your favourite Hufflepuff outfit (yellow is a hard colour to pull off!) or joining our Quiz Championship to earn points for your house. Or maybe you have some house themed artwork you'd like to send us.

Or maybe you're having a house-identity crisis and need to get sorted again? It happens to the best of us. Whatever the weather, come and get creative with us and learn more about your Hogwarts house with us. This handy video should also help.

Find out who won our Quiz Championship

You might've joined us for a couple of our Quiz Championships before - and now, we are very excited to reveal a new first-time winner!

Although this year's contest may be over, you can still visit the page to see who won and discover some unlockable content for your portrait.

Look out for future Quiz Championships in the future.

Send us your own Hogwarts House Pride artwork, costumes or whatever medium you express yourself

As we said, Hogwarts House Pride can mean so many things - and we want to see what House Pride means to you! Have you been a proud Slytherin from the first time you ever took the quiz on Pottermore and have been adorned in green ever since?

Maybe you're a Ravenclaw through-and-through and have a tattoo to prove it? Maybe your Portrait Maker on your Wizarding World profile is fully Hufflepuff vibes and you want to show us? Perhaps you have an adorable pet who you've assigned a Hogwarts house to and want to share a pic of your Gryffindog?

Whatever it is, if you're old enough, share your house love on our socials using #HogwartsHousePride. There are multiple ways to understand this assignment!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway will be hosting House Pride nights


If you're based in the US and love a bit of Broadway, why not get involved in the Cursed Child's upcoming House Pride nights?

For the past few years, the award-winning production in New York has been wowing fans with special evenings dedicated to each Hogwarts house, and this year, the magic continues.

Learn more about it at the official website.

Look out for special time limited shop ofers throughout the month

We're chucking a few spare Galleons your way and offering some magical deals at the Harry Potter shop.

Sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club newsletter to keep an eye out!

Learn more about your Hogwarts house with us

Your Hogwarts house has a rich and textured history. If you fancy doing some Hermione-levels-of-effort homework, here's some selected materials.

What are the most compatible Hogwarts houses?
Which Harry Potter characters' houses are up for debate?
What is the history of the Hogwarts house founders?
How did The Sorting Hat come to be?

Visit our Hogwarts House Pride page for even more house activities throughout March. There may be four Hogwarts houses, but Hogwarts will always be your home.