Visions of Magic is an all-new interactive art experience focusing on the most mysterious locations of the Wizarding World. At the world premiere inside the Odysseum in Cologne, Germany, James and Oliver Phelps were on-hand to introduce this new visual spectacle.

From today, Harry Potter fans are invited to 'illuminate the invisible', with curious wizarding world locations recreated in a series of beautiful tableaus and atmospheric arrangements.


Opening today until June next year, the experience promises to be a one-of-a-kind affair, using immersive art instalments to tell the stories of Harry Potter with bold architecture and original soundscapes. There are even interactive elements, where you'll be invited to illuminate your own visions.

This week, a group of lucky visitors (including Harry Potter royalty, the Weasley twins, AKA James and Oliver Phelps) got to experience the space for the first time, where displays focused on key iconography from the wizarding world, from Daily Prophet covers, to the enigmatic Black family tapestry, to the glowing purple brilliance of the Knight Bus.

The twins were even treated to a spellbinding fireworks display, extremely reminiscent of the explosive works of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!


Peter van Roden, Senior Vice President for Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, described the experience as "absolutely spectacular".

"Harry Potter fans in Germany are about to experience something absolutely spectacular and unlike anything they’ve seen from our iconic franchise,” he said.

“This experience harnesses the best of art and technology and brings them together in a unique way that will allow fans to explore elements and locations of the Wizarding World that have never been seen in a touring experience.”


Harry Potter: Visions of Magic is open until 2nd June, 2024. Visit the website to check ticket information or join waiting lists.