This year, Scholastic have been celebrating 25 years of Harry Potter – and invited US-based fans to join a very special competition. Now, we can exclusively reveal the winners! Revelio…

Scholastic’s 25 years of Harry Potter celebrations have given us a fantastic flurry of Wizarding World moments, from lighting up the Empire State Building to donating 25,000 copies of the first book to students and school libraries in collaboration with the Scripps Howard Fund.

As part of the festivities, young fans had the opportunity to enter the “Welcome to Hogwarts” competition, with a chance to win a whole host of prizes, from tickets to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ to a classroom set of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone books to donate to a school of their choice.

Entrants to the competition were posed the following question: If you were at Hogwarts, what class would you take? Have a look at the three winners’ brilliant answers.

LEV (10 Years Old)


ENTRY: I would take Professor Flitwick’s Charms class because he is a little person and I have dwarfism too. It would be so cool to have a professor who looked like me and was brave and smart and understanding. I’ve never had a teacher with dwarfism before and Professor Flitwick was such an awesome teacher. And he was brave setting up so many defences around the castle in Book 7. Also, Charms is so cool because you can learn helpful spells like Accio, Wingardium Leviosa, and Aguamenti. Those spells would be so fun to cast.

MEDHA (13 Years Old)


ENTRY: If I were to take one class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would pick History of Magic. Though an unusual and unpopular choice, the class is the most important at Hogwarts. You learn about the most influential wizards and prominent events that shaped wizarding history. It’s important to remember the great triumphs and downfalls of those who came before us and learn from mistakes made in the past. Before we continue forward in advancement, we first must look back to what happened before. This is why I would choose History of Magic.

ROWAN (9 Years Old)


ENTRY: If I went to Hogwarts I would take Herbology. I would wear earmuffs to care for the Mandrakes and learn to harvest Puffapods. I would collect Gillyweed to breathe underwater so that I could win the Triwizard Tournament. I would use Dittany to heal wounds. I would read about Wolfsbane to help werewolves like Remus Lupin and visit the Whomping Willow that gave him a safe place to transform. Neville Longbottom would be my teacher, show the class his Mimbulus Mimbletonia plant, and tell us about the time he stood up against Voldemort alongside Harry Potter. Beware the Venomous Tentacula!

In addition to the grand prize winners, 25 first place winners have also been selected—see the full list on Scholastic’s website.

Congratulations to all the winners – with answers like these, you’d be top of the class at Hogwarts. We just know it.

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