Published on Mar 2nd 2021
If you’ve been enjoying the offerings from the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection so far, we’ve got lots of shiny new ones to look forward to this year! Take a first look at our upcoming designs, including our new series, Shops of the Wizarding World and our upcoming Niffler pin.

We’ve loved designing and creating our special collectible pins for you, which all celebrate the magical nuances of the wizarding world. So, we decided to make some more!

In 2021, you can expect new sets of pins and special individual pins dropping throughout the year. Our most recent set, available now, is all about the shops of the wizarding world, from Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmeade to Eeylops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.

From today, Gold Members can expect a new, extra-special individual pin to be sniffing around, looking for something shiny... Yes, it’s a Niffler pin! Our latest pin is available early for Gold Members and going on general sale on the 15th April. Gold Members can now dig him up here.


Our upcoming Niffler pin will be immersed in gorgeous gold details and jewels to make this accessory extra decadent. We’re really excited for him to poke his nose out to meet you!

For now, you can take a look at our Shops of the Wizarding World collection.

Outside Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Product images shop 1000x1000 weasleys

Outside Honeydukes

Product images shop 1000x1000 honeydukes

Outside Eeylops Owl Emporium

Product images shop 1000x1000 eelops

Outside Madam Malkin’s

Product images shop 1000x1000 madammalkins

Outside Quality Quidditch Supplies

Product images shop 1000x1000 quidditch

Outside Ollivanders

Product images shop 1000x1000 ollivanders

Each pin comes with intricate detail of each shop front, including their products in the window. You can even see a little broom outside Quality Quidditch Supplies. As these pins are a bit bigger, it means we’ve been able to make the designs even more beautiful and meticulous, making them just that little bit extra special for you. Speaking of special, there is only a limited run of these pins available – so in the words of Mad-Eye Moody, have “constant vigilance” when they come on sale! Or maybe you have a really kind friend who you could swap with!

A little bird also told us about an amazing statement pin we have coming soon, and although we have a burning desire to tell you all about it, we will refrain from revealing that particular surprise for now. But – our pin seekers out there should definitely keep an eye out for this one if you want to add something very unique to your building collections.

And do expect further pin drops every few weeks throughout the year! We’ll be sure to send you a few hints along the way as we go.

For pin seekers who have yet to start their collections, maybe now we’ve piqued your interest? You can browse all of our pins so far, from Hogwarts house sets to adorable Hogwarts pets, in our one-stop shop here – the only place to find all of pins in one handy place. It’s never too late to start collecting.

And if you’re stuck on where to begin, you could always check out the hashtag #HarryPotterPinSeeking to see how other fans have been displaying theirs! Here's a few we've enjoyed so far.

Holly, a Gryffindor, got super-creative with her Fat Lady portrait pin...

Picture 2

And Helen, a Slytherin, got into the Hallowe'en spirit with a cute little pumpkin decoration alongside her limited edition pin.

Picture 3

So, while you wait, how about signing up to the Harry Potter Fan Club, for free, where we’ll give you more details about our upcoming pins of the year whenever we can – whether that’s via our newsletter, app or website. However you like to receive your Wizarding World news, we’re here for you.

Our UK/US-based readers can also look into getting early access for future pins we’re releasing with our Gold Membership. If you’re interested in making up to 20% savings on our products, including our pin collection, learn more about Harry Potter Fan Club’s Gold Membership* here.

And one last thing – if you’d like to read about our existing pins, including their designs, themes and symbols, visit our collection page, where we’ve put together some handy guides to pore over.

So, there you have it. Stay tuned for future pin news as we have it.

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