Last week, we announced an exciting new audiobook project, where the Harry Potter books are set to be re-recorded with original scoring, immersive sound design, and individual performers (over 100 of them!) taking on beloved characters. But did you spot all the Harry Potter references in our announcement video?

Not to sound like a stern Hogwarts professor but... were you paying attention?

In last week's announcement video, we showed you Audible's atmospheric sound studio, celebrating a huge upcoming audiobook project for the Harry Potter stories, a collaborative endeavour between Audible and Pottermore Publishing.

Take another look at the video here - or scroll below to see what the team behind the project snuck in!

Dumbledore's sherbet lemons


Ah, but of course. Our much-loved Hogwarts Headmaster famously has a penchant for Muggle sweets, so you can see a few snuck in here. In the UK, we call these Sherbet Lemons. In the US, the books namecheck these hard-boiled treats as Lemon Drops.

Either way, Dumbledore loved his confectionary so much, he often named his office passwords after them.

Hagrid's umbrella


In the UK, it's important to have a brolly within a 1-mile radius at all times, for rain is never far away. However, on this occasion, this was a friendly nod to Rubeus Hagrid, who was often seen with his trusty pink umbrella - heavily implied to contain his broken wand, that was snapped when he (wrongly!) got expelled in his youth.

Whatever's going on in there, it is a considerably more magical object than your standard umbrella at any rate.

Books and cleverness...


Take a closer look at that mixing board. Hmm, they don't seem like standard buttons to us. As much as we'd love a "cleverness" button in real life, this was actually a wink towards Hermione's legendary quote. Oh, you know the one.

‘Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery and – oh Harry – be careful!’
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Hermione Granger

Harry's glasses


And finally, the crème de la crème: perhaps one of the most iconic Harry Potter props of all time. We're sure you clocked this one - but if not - that is indeed a pair of round spectacles, as a homage to our main character.

We hope you had fun spotting all the Easter eggs with us, and keep your eyes peeled on more announcements around this audiobook project as and when we have them.

You can learn more about it at our FAQ page.

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