This month, we’re all about celebrating House Pride – applying our best Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin selves to all walks of life. Here’s a few of our favourite products to embrace your house even more.

Harry Potter Shop | House Pride bundles


We love these new collections from the Harry Potter shop, which perfectly bundle up several house-themed products if you just can’t decide on one. In these bundles, you can grab a house-themed mug with your house’s emblem emblazoned across it, your house animal as an adorable plush, a keyring, socks (don’t tell Dobby) a bookmark and even an extremely cool Hogwarts house themed baseball cap! Maybe they can rename a home run a Hogwarts house run?

Take a look at the collection for your respective house....

Gryffindor bundle
Hufflepuff bundle
Slytherin bundle
Ravenclaw bundle

Harry Potter Shop | Personalised Hogwarts house robes


Swish your way to fashion excellence with these Hogwarts robes personalised to your house – and you can even have your name on them. You may think robes are not the most practical of clothing purchases, but actually, Hogwarts house robes can be worn for so many purposes! Wear them in the house in lieu of a dressing gown, wear them out to the shops for a bit of extra warmth – or why not wear them to your friend’s wedding? Suits and dresses are so much more boring and you’ll stand out from the crowd. Also, nobody will forget your name.

Take a look at the full range:

Gryffindor robes
Hufflepuff robes
Slytherin robes
Ravenclaw robes

Harry Potter Shop | House Pride Pin


Our very own Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection is back! And this time, we’re taking you back to that iconic first Sorting Ceremony in the Great Hall. This enamel pin represents all four Hogwarts house banners with The Sorting Hat proudly sitting in the middle, most likely surveying the chaos it has created sorting all those students!

Get yours.

Harry Potter Shop | Hogwarts house-themed spirit jerseys


Spirit jerseys are known for their bold designs and relaxed fits – and now you can get Hogwarts house themed ones! These sweatshirts include the famous puff-text with raised ink, your Hogwarts house crest and overlong arms to keep you nice and cosy. Representing your house colours (although we also love the grey-fade of the Hufflepuff design!) you are going to be comfortable but still Hogwarts-proud in these!

Take a look at the full collection.

Gryffindor spirit jersey
Hufflepuff spirit jersey
Slytherin spirit jersey
Ravenclaw spirit jersey

Bloomsbury | Hogwarts house edition Harry Potter box-sets


If your bookcase is looking a little sad, these bright and beautiful Harry Potter box sets should cheer the place right up. These special house editions of all seven Harry Potter books come in alternating colour schemes with cover artwork & illustrations from the always-great Levi Pinfold.

Each edition within the set features a magical miscellany of exciting feature articles, quizzes and fascinating fact files packed with trivia about the history and alumni of the given house. Includes over twenty exclusive illustrations capturing the magic of the house and favourite characters.

Browse away!

Homesick (US Only) | Hogwarts house-themed candles


Whatever Hogwarts house you’re in, candle experts Homesick have created some optimum scents to represent your magical clan. If you’re a Slytherin, your candle comes with aromas of lake water, tapestry and oakmoss, while Ravenclaws can enjoy the gentle notes of white musk, sage and opium. For Hufflepuffs, your candle is inspired by the fragrances of green apple, fern leaves and patchouli – and finally – Gryffindors can enjoy a candle-lit experience breathing in a bouquet of cinnamon, amber and fireplace scents.

Tempted? You can browse all of Homesick’s Harry Potter candle collection right here, quicker than you can say Lacarnum Inflamari.

Harry Potter x KyteBaby (US only) | Hogwarts house-themed sleepwear


You’re never too young to discover your Hogwarts house! For the mini-aspiring witches and wizards in your life, why not make life way cuter with these Hogwarts house-themed onesies, pyjamas and sleep bags?

Take a look at theses adorable ensembles.

Diffeyewear (US only) | Hogwarts house-themed glasses


If you’re looking for a pair of glasses slightly more fashionable than Harry’s (no offence) Diffeyewear have been inspired by the Hogwarts houses to create themed frames. From the lion’s mane gold theme of the Gryffindor specs, to the tortoiseshell vibes of the Hufflepuff pair, add a subtle nod to your house with some of these spectacles with a Wizarding World touch.

Cast your eye over these!

LEGO® | Talking Sorting Hat


Before you discover your Hogwarts house... you need to speak to the big guy first. And that is indeed the Hogwarts Sorting Hat! This year, the LEGO Group have brought out an extra special dedication to everyone’s favourite magical piece of headwear.

Complete with a Harry Potter minifigure, this state-of-the-art LEGO® Harry Potter piece uses ‘sound brick’ technology to truly come to life.

Find it here.

You can check out some more of The LEGO Group’s new Harry Potter items here too, fresh for 2024.

Corkcicle (US only) | Hogwarts house-themed Corkless Mugs


Time for a lovely cup of tea. But we demand to have it in a Hogwarts house-themed mug, thank you very much! Thankfully, the good folks at Corkcicle have created these top-quality receptacles, perfect for hot drinks. The range also includes a stylish Golden Snitch mug (complete with wings!) and an adorable Hedwig version.

Put the kettle on!

H.Samuel (UK only) | Silver bracelet and Hogwarts house-themed charms


While we can’t cast charms like the witches and wizards of Hogwarts do, we can at least have a little charm on a bracelet – and H.Samuel have created a range that feels appropriately magic.

The Hogwarts house-themed slider charms are made from sterling silver, come colour-coded to your house and feature a delicate house animal symbol.

Browse the full collection.

Sand Cloud (US only) | Hogwarts house-themed blankets


There’s nothing that makes us feel cosier than Hogwarts, thinking about those squishy armchairs in the Gryffindor common room, or the golden badger sett style of Hufflepuff’s. Sand Cloud have captured that hygge vibe so well with this collection of blankets, created from 100% Turkish cotton. The argyle plaid design of each blanket (which proudly features your Hogwarts house animal) in the centre will absolutely make you feel like you’re about to visit a certain castle in the Scottish highlands!

Take a look.

Popsockets (US only) | Hogwarts house-themed phone covers


Jazz up your phone with these adorable Popsockets – now available with proud Hogwarts house designs, utilising your house animal.

And this is just simply one way to honour your Hogwarts house pride. Visit our official house pride page to play quizzes (including our EPIC Quiz Championship!) take part in activities or simply learn more about what makes your house so special. Don’t spend all those Galleons at once!