Check out LEGO's new Harry Potter sets for 2024 - featuring a very exciting talking Sorting Hat and many other nostalgic goodies.

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Accio LEGO sets, please!

A new year brings with it many fun things, but down at LEGO HQ, the team have been working on some thrilling new products inspired by Harry Potter.

And we have some even more powerful magic at play this year - including a talking LEGO Sorting Hat, just in time for Back to Hogwarts season! You can even take a look at us building it right here, then scroll below for the full list.

Talking Sorting Hat™


This talking LEGO® Harry Potter™ Sorting Hat™ is a one of a kind for Harry Potter fans - behaving just like the enchanted piece of headwear we love from the films.

Simply tip the top of the hat or place it on your head to make it speak. With 31 randomised sound combinations, you can have your very own Sorting Ceremony in your living room with the hat's state-of-the-art sound brick technology. The hat even comes with a stand and a Harry minifigure to keep you company!

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LEGO® Harry Potter™ Forbidden Forest™: Magical Creatures


If Care of Magical Creatures is your gig, we think you're going to love this forest-themed set, filled with trees, magical creatures (hi, LEGO Buckbeak!) and even a scared-looking Ron minifigure! In keeping with the mysterious magic of the Forbidden Forest, this set comes with trees and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and spiders so you can really embrace the night-time wonder of this iconic Hogwarts setting.

Take a look.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle Owlery


You'll have an absolute hoot with this brand new set, which reimagines the Hogwarts Owlery. Several adorable LEGO owls come with the tower (naturally! Who else will send your letters?) and minifigures of Harry Potter and Cho Chang (so you can emulate your own awkward Yule Ball date faux pas!) come are also included too. You even get a minifigure of caretaker Argus Filch, who likely has a bit of cleaning up to do.

The little details are key here: we especially love the Eeylops Premium Owl Treats.

Fly by and see.

Look out for more of these modular castle sets later in the year - these more detailed parts of Hogwarts castle will eventually all come together to make your most epic LEGO build yet.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit


Have some wholesome fun at Hagrid's Hut with this LEGO scene celebrating the Keeper of the Keys and his fiery new companion, baby Norbert the dragon. Harry, Ron and Hermione join Hagrid and Fang here to meet his latest dangerous companion, while a Draco Malfoy minifigure creeps in the background!

Take one giant leap this way!

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle Boathouse


Fancy a splash?

Relive the memorable Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone™ scene where Harry sees Hogwarts for the very first time, as he and his fellow first-years make their way to Hogwarts via boat.

This set features 2 buildable boats, each with space for 2 minifigures (pick your own boating buddies to pair up!) and a boathouse with space inside for a boat to dock. There's even a hiding place for Neville Longbottom’s toad Trevor - he does like to hop along on his own adventures.

Sail on over!

Look out for more of these modular castle sets later in the year - these more detailed parts of Hogwarts castle will eventually all come together to make your most epic LEGO build yet.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hedwig™ at 4 Privet Drive


Privet Drive is a distinctly non-magical place, but thankfully, this LEGO set has given the Dursley household a feathery visitor.

This Hedwig owl figure has a posable head, wings and tail and can perch on the ‘Privet Drive’ sign.

Take a look.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Flying Ford Anglia™


Recreate Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley and Hedwig's journey to Hogwarts™ in the Flying Ford Anglia™ car. There is even a removable roof so it’s easy to place your minifigures inside.

You can even put Harry's case, Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers™ and the pair's wands in the boot of the car. No Extension Charms needed!

Drive on over.

Many of these LEGO sets are brand new, available today! Hurray! And just in time for House Pride season, the time when we get extra-excitable about our Hogwarts houses and celebrate the magic of the Harry Potter all together. You can learn more about Hogwarts House Pride here.