There’s no such thing as perfect, right? Well, the existence of Remus Lupin might prove otherwise. From his kind eyes to his air of mystery we think Lupin is a strong contender for the perfect man. Read on and see if you agree…

His compassion is unparalleled

We’re sure you would all agree that the ‘perfect man’ needs kindness and compassion. Luckily for us, Remus Lupin took those attitudes and nurtured them. Having struggled to be accepted in wizarding society (thanks to his ‘furry little problem’), he was as empathetic and considerate as they come. The moment that sealed it for us? Giving Neville the chance to shine in Defence Against the Dark Arts. He saw how he was often belittled and allowed him to stand on his own two feet… Seeing Snape in the clothes of Neville’s grandmother? Well, that was just the cherry on the top.

Intelligence is always an attractive quality

Some people might be a fan of the strong and silent type, but we favour a little more conversation. Hermione may have said ‘books and cleverness – there are more important things’ but for Lupin, we loved that he was always eager to learn. We probably don’t need to list out a whole load of examples to demonstrate this, but we will, because it’s fun! There was the fact he was one of the inventors of the Marauders Map. Then there was how wise he could be – his words on fearing fear itself certainly stuck with us. Then there was the fact that he was the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Harry ever had… Admittedly there was some weak competition (like those who wanted to kill Harry, resurrect Voldemort or who would only wear pink), but nevertheless he was still brilliant and pretty much perfect.

His bravery is something to be admired

Is there anything as swoon-worthy as a dashing hero coming to the rescue? While Lupin didn’t come galloping along on a noble steed, he consistently showed he was a worthy Gryffindor. Whilst there were the showier examples of his bravery (working for the Order, not shrinking away from the Battle of Hogwarts and so on), we think his most impressive act of courage was facing the world every day. A world that turned its back on him because he had been bitten by a werewolf. Others like him often lived on the fringes of society as eternal outcasts, but Lupin worked hard to avoid that fate. He carved a place for himself within the wizarding community, didn’t cave into the hatred and suspicion directed his way and even found his family – which we find just as swoon-worthy as any knight in shining armour.

Who doesn’t love a man of mystery?

When Remus Lupin rocked up in Prisoner of Azkaban with his tattered case, bar of chocolate and sage advice, we wanted to know more about this enigmatic man. He was clearly keeping a secret… but what was it? Why was he so frequently ill? Why did he seem so haunted? And did he always carry a bar of chocolate around with him? Of course, we discovered he was a werewolf, who had suffered his fair share of tragedy and happened to be very good at his job (hence the chocolate), but that initial air of mystery had us hooked. Afterall, life would be very dull if everyone was an open book… and Lupin had that je ne sais quoi that made him that bit more exciting.


We love a shabby chic style icon

The rumpled cardigan, the tousled hair, the haven’t-had-a-good-night’s-sleep-in-a-year look – Remus Lupin knew how to work that shabby chic vibe. In fact, we would go so far as to call him the master of it. You can keep your immaculate dress robes (or ones that make you look like your Great-Aunt Tessie). You can keep your finely manicured, Vernon Dursley moustaches. And you can definitely keep your lime-green bowler hats. All we want is a man in a brown tweed blazer with a book under one arm and a smile.