Horace Slughorn was a Head of House, a Potions whizz and a highly intelligent wizard. But we think one of his most impressive feats was that he was the king of relaxation and the master of cosy vibes. Sit back, relax and let us tell you why…

He loved to kick back with a sweet treat

After a hard day of navigating life, nothing feels better than putting on a pair of your fluffiest socks, snuggling up on the sofa and kicking back with a tasty treat. And we reckon Slughorn thought so too. Thanks to his talent for collecting some of the most interesting (and useful) witches and wizards, he had a permanent supply of delicious treats at his disposal… he was never without a box of his favourite crystallised pineapple. In fact, a Honeydukes hamper arrived for Slughorn’s birthday every year – courtesy of Ambrosius Flume (Slughorn helped get him his first job don’t you know), perfect for those days of chilling out and treating yourself.

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

There’s nothing relaxing about working too hard and feeling stressed. Luckily, you can maintain your cosy vibe if you learn to work smarter and not harder – Slughorn was a pro at this. His Slug Club might have been controversial, but it also made his life easier. All he had to do was lay the groundwork and then sit back and relax whilst he was inundated with gifts and perks from former members. Free Quidditch tickets whenever he wanted thanks to Gwenog Jones, captain of the Holyhead Harpies. The ear of the editor of the Daily Prophet Barnabas Cuffe. As many bottles of oak-matured mead or boxes of crystallised pineapple that he could want. All of it found its way to Slughorn and helped him live that life of leisure.

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The pinnacle of leisurewear

Nobody wants to relax whilst wearing their Sunday best. How can you fully immerse yourself in comfort mode if you’re wearing a pair of jeans that cut off your circulation or a tie that makes you feel a bit like you’re being strangled? No, what you need is something soft, cosy and possibly velvety… just like Slughorn’s vast collection of smoking jackets. Well, we never said that comfort can’t be stylish and Slughorn’s jackets were both practical and fabulous. He even had a gorgeous, tasselled hat to match. If you can look this cool whilst also being snug, you’ll probably give Slughorn a run for his money as the king of cosy vibes.

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He loves a bit of nostalgia

Whether it's flicking through an old photo album or reminiscing with your friends, there’s nothing that makes us feel more warm and cosy than a bit of nostalgia. Slughorn was someone who liked to take a walk down memory lane too. Remember his story of Lily Potter and Francis the fish? The bittersweet tale of fins and friendship brought a tear to our eye. Then there was his collection of photos of all his favourite pupils over the years. Some might say that Slughorn was purely boasting about all the influential people he knew… but we like to think his feelings went a little deeper. We reckon he was proud of all of those pupils and reminiscing about the good old days gave him a great sense of accomplishment.


Squashy armchair transformations

You don’t feel fully relaxed or at peak cosiness when sat on a hard wooden bench. No, for true comfort you need a good old squashy armchair, with overstuffed cushions that you melt into whilst becoming one with the chair. Slughorn had the ability to do that… He literally turned himself into an armchair as a disguise. If that’s not peak cosiness we don’t know what is.

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