We've asked you who your Hogwarts BFF would be - but what about picking between the golden trio? Here's who we think you'd end up choosing - although of course we all just want to have all three!

Harry, Ron and Hermione all complement each other perfectly. While the trio may fit together like puzzle pieces, that is not say they don’t have their own distinct personalities. Where Harry wants to dive head-first into something, Hermione is there to ground him. When Hermione is wound up and tense, Ron is there to lighten the mood. But how do you choose which one would be your best friend? It feels almost impossible – but luckily for you, we have thought long and hard about who you would be your perfect pal based on your personality.

If you just like to have a laugh and worry about the bigger life moments later … then you’d be best friends with Ron

Are you somebody that is able to find light and laughter in any situation? Are you able to focus on the here and now rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future? Then Ron Weasley is the friend for you.

Ron is a character that often brings welcome relief. His colourful language (Merlin’s most baggy Y-fronts anyone?) and witty one-liners could make anyone smile. Even after the Battle of Hogwarts, in which he lost Fred, he still managed to find a light moment. Who can forget his droll response to Peeve’s little ditty?

Though he would have been feeling awful and grieving, Ron still found a tiny moment of humour to help slightly lift the mood. If you’re someone who also knows how to walk that fine line, then we imagine you two would get on like a house on fire.

If you are intelligent, driven and determined to always do your best… then you’d be best friends with Hermione

Hermione Granger is certainly intelligent, but she doesn’t take it for granted and never rests on her laurels. She always worked hard to be the very best that she could be. Her drive was unapparelled – who else could have pretty much memorised all of their textbooks before they even started at Hogwarts?

She also encouraged those around her to do their best too (even if a certain couple of wizards often complained about it). From drawing up revision timetables, to checking Harry and Ron’s homework, there is no doubt that she helped them to become better wizards. With her ability and determination, it’s really no surprise that she eventually ended up as Minister for Magic.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t settle for mediocrity and is always striving to learn and do more, then Hermione would be your best friend. We reckon we would find the pair of you holed up in the library, discussing ideas and challenging each other to always be at the top of your game.

If you are resilient and able to pick yourself back up when things are tough… then you’d be best friends with Harry

Harry Potter is someone who has faced more than his fair share of obstacles and tragedy. The death of his parents, being brought up by the Dursleys, bearing the weight of being the chosen one and fighting Voldemort are just some of the things he has had to handle. All of that is enough to make anyone want to run away and hide. But not Harry. Every time he has been knocked down, he has got back up and fought even harder – and helped to make the wizarding world a better place.

If you are someone who is determined to keep moving forward when things are tough, then we think Harry would be a fantastic friend for you. It takes a lot of strength to face hard situations or the unknown, but we can just imagine the two of you supporting and encouraging each other to be able to face anything that is thrown at you – and we’re sure you’d do it brilliantly.

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