The wizarding world has ten known breeds of dragon that sit on the fringes of society. It’s easy to forget that beneath the teeth and fire these misunderstood beasts each have their own look and personality. But they do. So, which dragon do you most relate to? Do you share the energy of one of the more gentle breeds, or do you flambé first and think later? Find out!

If you are known for being a bit of a grouch… you are like a Hungarian Horntail

Hungarian Horntails are known for their sunny dispositions and reasonable tempers… If by sunny disposition, we mean extremely grumpy and by reasonable temper we mean happy to watch the world burn. As probably the most dangerous dragon in the wizarding world, Horntails can shoot fire up to fifty feet and have tail spikes that can take you out with a single swipe (it’s a miracle Harry survived the first Triwizard task). Now, we’re not saying that you are prone to breathing fire but maybe you’ve been known to wake up on the wrong side of the bed every now and then. Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t do mornings and should be avoided until you’ve had your first cup of tea. Or maybe you’re just a bit crotchety because you’re hungry. Whatever it is that bugs you, you’re not alone, as we can all act like a bit of a Hungarian Horntail in the right – or wrong – circumstances.

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If you love the goth aesthetic… you are most like a Hebridean Black

If you were to look in your wardrobe right now, would you be greeted with a sea of black? Have people been known to subtly avoid you because they’re slightly scared of your spooky vibe? Is your love of black nail varnish most definitely not a phase – despite what your mum says? Then we think you’d relate to the Hebridean Black. Just like you, this dragon is a bit, ok – a lot, of a goth. With their spikes, bat-like wings and purple eyes, you’ll probably find one in the midst of an existential crisis listening to music which sounds like a thousand banshees wailing. Alright, we’re kidding – they might not be doing that, but they certainly do like their own space – up to one hundred square miles per dragon in fact. They also aren’t that big on chowing down on humans – preferring deer (with the odd dog or cow), which, comparatively speaking, doesn’t make them as lethal as some of their dragon peers.

This dragon, much like you, asks you not to judge a book by its cover. You might have an exterior as tough as this dragon’s scales, but underneath you’re as warm and fuzzy as a Pygmy Puff (if Pygmy Puffs wore a lot of eyeliner).

Hebridean Black Fact File Image hebridean-black_1_1800x1248

If you are all about glamour… you are most like an Antipodean Opaleye

When it comes to good-looking dragons, you need look no further than the Antipodean Opaleye. With its iridescent, pearly scales and eyes that glitter with a multitude of colours, this dragon is stunning. And if you have a similar energy, that sentiment would extend to you. We imagine that you are somebody that always look flawless, from your hair to your shoes. We can even picture you, adorned in sparkly accessories and statement necklaces (and possibly even a tiara or two). Just like this dragon with its vivid scarlet flame, you love a pop of colour, and are unafraid to stand out in a crowd. All dragons are fierce, naturally. But you’re fierce in the best possible way.

Antipodean Opaleye Fact File Image antipodean-opaleye_1_1800x1248

If you are laidback… then you’re like a Common Welsh Green

Dragons can be laidback? Well… to a degree. Out of all the dragons in the wizarding world, we would say the Common Welsh Green is the most chilled. Rather than feasting on people, which they actively avoid (understandable really), they prefer the succulent flavour of sheep. While that’s bad news for our woolly companions, it’s pretty good for us. This dragon is also known for its melodious roar. In all honesty, we like to pretend that the Welsh Green is just spreading good vibes, probably up a mountain, enjoying its own company, eating a leg of chargrilled mutton and singing its favourite tunes. If that sounds delightful (with or without the side of sheep), then we think you would relate to this dragon the most. You’re probably the type of person who avoids confrontation, is happy doing their own thing and are not known for being particularly highly-strung. You like to keep things groovy and are happy living life in the slow lane.

Common Welsh Green Fact File Image common-welsh-green_1_1800x1248

If you are small but mighty… they you’re like the Peruvian Vipertooth

The Peruvian Vipertooth might be the smallest dragon that you find in the wizarding world, but you would be a fool to assume that makes it less deadly than its other, larger kin. In fact, this copper-coloured dragon loves nothing more than to munch on a human or two as a light snack: lovely. Did we mention that its bite is also particularly venomous (just to add to its warm and fuzzy image)? If you’ve been underestimated because of how you look, then we think your energy is like this venomous Vipertooth. For example, you might look young for your age and have found it difficult to be taken seriously. Or you might be petite, and people assume that means you’re not strong enough to lift those weights at the gym. However, you have been underestimated and we’re sure the people responsible soon regretted it. Like the Peruvian Vipertooth, you might be small, but you are mighty – with an acid tongue, no nonsense attitude and a glare that would make the toughest dragons tremble.

Peruvian Vipertooth Fact File Image peruvian-vipertooth_1_1800x1248