You’ll find many different characters on the Quidditch pitch – but who are you most similar to? From Angelina’s fierce leadership to Malfoy’s love of the latest broomstick model, we make some deductions based on your personality.

If you struggle with nerves… you’re like Ron Weasley

Oh Ron – he really struggled when it came to Quidditch matches. As soon as all eyes were on him it seemed like he suddenly forgot how to play the game. Yet, he was a talented player – he just needed to have a little more faith in himself. When he did manage to muster up some confidence (thanks to Harry, a certain potion and a placebo effect) he was brilliant. If you can relate to this, then we think you are most like Ron. You’re probably the type of person that isn’t used to being the centre of attention and can struggle with self-esteem. As soon as someone is watching you – whether that’s during a work presentation, school play or sporting event, you can get overwhelmed and fumble. However, you are supremely talented and once you get into your stride, you impress everyone around you.

If you’re incredibly passionate about your hobbies… you’re like Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley was passionate about Quidditch. From the moment she first broke into her family’s broom shed to practice her Quidditch skills, she was hooked. It may have taken a while for her talent to have been recognised but once it was, she was unstoppable. In fact, she even managed to make her passion her career. If you’re someone who pours all their energy into their hobbies and has always dreamed of turning it into what you do for a living, you’re most like this talented Weasley. Whether you have a love of football, art, acting, singing, writing, baking or even crocheting, you never get tired of your favourite interest, always strive to be the very best and have big dreams.

If you are very strategic person… you’re like Oliver Wood

If you’re the person that lives by mottos such as ‘failure to prepare is preparing to fail’, then we think you’re most similar to Oliver Wood. The captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team was nothing if not organised. He was famous for his rigorous training regimes (including some criminally early starts), motivational speeches and complicated diagrams – all designed to try and lead Gryffindor to victory. He certainly had a strategic mind and if you’re like him, then so do you. You’re probably the person who does most of the planning in your friendship group, organises itineraries for trips that go into the most minute detail and always feels horrified when someone suggests ‘winging it’.

If you’re a determined leader… you’re like Angelina Johnson

When Oliver Wood left Hogwarts, and the Gryffindor Quidditch team needed a new captain, it was Angelina Johnson who took on that job. She more than lived up to Oliver’s reputation as a strong captain. She had very high expectations of her team and didn’t stand for any of their nonsense. Her dedication to her role as captain was apparent and she was clearly a strong leader. If you’re like Angelina, then we think you’re someone who is willing to take charge when necessary. Whether you’re the captain of a sports team, the head of a project or a manager in your job, you are a natural leader who is tough (but fair) and often a force to be reckoned with.

If you like to have all the latest gadgets... then you’re like Draco Malfoy

Do you like to have all the latest gadgets? Do you upgrade your phone every time a new model comes out? Do you think that any piece of technology more than three years old is irrelevant? Do you even know what VHS is? If this sounds anything like you, then we think you’re most similar to Draco Malfoy. Who can forget just how smug he was when he got hold of the Nimbus 2001? He was thrilled to have the latest model of broomstick – which would only enhance his Quidditch performance. Now, we’re not saying you share any of his nasty or smug traits, but you do have a similar appreciation for all the most up to date appliances and gadgets. Anything that makes life easier is a win in your eyes… and you reckon it helps to make you look cool too.

If you are an excellent team player… you’re like Katie Bell

Katie Bell was a great team player and there was no trio quite like the three Gryffindor Chasers – Katie, Alicia and Angelina. These three seemed to be incredibly in sync with one another, anticipating each other’s moves and scoring vast numbers of points for their team. Katie also got on well with the other members of the squad. She laughed at Fred and George’s jokes, she was the one who helped new team member Ron sort out his Quidditch robes and she didn’t hold it against him when he accidentally gave her a nosebleed with a rogue Quaffle. We think you’re most like Katie if you’re someone that does their best work when part of a team. We imagine that you’re of the opinion that two heads are always better than one. You’re probably more of an extrovert and would hate to work in a job that is solitary by nature.

If you’re known for your fantastic sportsmanship… you’re like Cedric Diggory

There were loads of brilliant things about Cedric Diggory – he was smart, talented, popular and he always showed excellent sportsmanship on the Quidditch pitch. As a Hufflepuff, he liked things to be fair. So, when he caught the Snitch before realising Harry had come off his broom due to Dementors swarming the pitch, he immediately tried to call for a rematch. He didn’t have to do that. He hadn’t cheated or done anything wrong (even Oliver Wood was forced to admit this) but he wanted to do what he felt was right – even if it would help an opponent. If you would have done the exact same thing, then you’re most like Cedric. You have strong principles and like to be as fair as possible in any situation. You’re not prepared to compromise your morals to achieve your goals and have probably been called honourable before.