We all have a different gaming personality. Some like to complete a game perfectly, with no side-quest left unaccomplished, while some are destined to simply rage-quit everything. But how will you be playing Hogwarts Legacy?

Can we guess your gaming personality? Oh, and this article will contain mild spoilers for the game, as you may imagine.

If you have a lot of stresses in life… you’ll be a duelist


After a long day of mildly annoying things, sometimes you just want to sit down, grab a cup of tea, and …destroy everything. Well, good news! Hogwarts Legacy not only encourages your duelling skills, but also invites you to put them to the ultimate test in Battle Arenas. Although combining spells and using plants and potions strategically is encouraged, we won’t blame you if you just want to button-bash. And there will be plenty of big bosses for you to take out your frustrations on – although we hope you’re not afraid of giant spiders.

If you’re a social butterfly… you’ll be talking to all the characters!


Less studying, more chit-chatting. That’s your motto. And we can hardly blame you. After so many years of dreaming of a game like this, we finally have the opportunity to live like a proper Hogwarts student, with so many classmates and professors dotted around the castle to socialise with. Of course you want to have a natter with everyone! And don’t forget about the portraits, house-elves and ghosts too – or Peeves the Poltergeist, who usually has a little poem for you.

And of course, you can go beyond Hogwarts to make friends too. We particularly like the travelling musician who likes to collect musical instruments – he’s quite the talent of the wizarding world!

If you have a big imagination… you’ll pick the dialogue options completely different to what you’d do in real life

Ooh, the temptation to pick the ‘mean’ options when you’re having a chat with someone in a game… and in Hogwarts Legacy, there are plenty of devilish dialogue choices that channel your inner Draco Malfoy rather than your inner Neville to choose from. So are you going to be nice or a bit nasty?

If you love to travel… you’ll be exploring the Scottish Highlands


The designers of Hogwarts Legacy put a lot of love and care into the scenic Scottish highlands where Hogwarts is set. If all the Hogwarts classes are too much brain-energy for you, never fear. Just hop on your broom and traverse the gorgeous landscapes surrounding the castle. You’ll fly by many beautiful scenes, such as lakes, forestry and 1800s-style hamlets. And as the seasons change with your gaming experience, you’ll get to explore the environments in all sorts of different weathers. We’ve all low-key dreamed of hanging out in a snowy Hogwarts, surely.

If you’re a wholesome sort… you’ll be a cosy gamer in the Room of Requirement


You probably grew up playing simulator-style games, where you get to generally potter (yep, we said it) about, tending to your gentle, daily tasks. Although Hogwarts Legacy has a big, epic storyline running through it – you also get the joy of simply getting to chill at Hogwarts. The Room of Requirement, in particular, is a space where you can just tinker, decorate, and build items. And then you have the Vivarium, which lets you look after cute magical creatures and create your own beautiful outdoor space. Who needs a storyline when you can just vibe?

If you love the finer details in life… you’ll be a side-quester, hunting for easter eggs


Every nook and cranny of Hogwarts castle is ripe for exploring… and who could blame you if you end up caught up in a side-quest or two? Or three… or four… yes, there’s quite a lot of them. Whether you’re in Hogwarts itself, out in the highlands, or off shopping in Hogsmeade, do keep an eye out for little challenges, everywhere you go. Side-quests could be anything, from solving logic puzzles to helping a fellow student find her Gobstones. And don’t forget to cast Revelio every five seconds, because you just never know what you might uncover. You can also scan your map and look for side-quest markers.

We also recommend reading all the entries in your Ministry Field Guide, simply for some fascinating little tidbits.

If you’re an adventurer, you’ll be focusing on the main story


As Professor Dumbledore once said, “let us pursue that flighty, temptress, adventure.” Yes, you’ve signed up to Hogwarts Legacy to get right into the nitty gritty of the main storyline and uncover the mysteries of Ancient Magic once and for all! No messing about! Maybe you’re even tempted to try out a Hogwarts speed-run? Just remember to actually sleep at some point.

If you’re obsessed with serving a look… you’ll still be accessorising your character!


Er, hello? Are you ever going to start the game? Or are you too busy giving your avatar the absolute perfect hairstyle, and examining every single skin-type and chin-shape with a magnifying glass? Hogwarts Legacy has a beautiful character-creator with so many options for you to choose from, whether it’s outfits, accessories or a voice-slider. You could theoretically spend a long time here just perfecting your ultimate Hogwarts student. Just remember to actually begin your legacy at some point when you’ve got your hair the absolute perfect shade of pink.

If you need that hit of serotonin… you’ll be unlocking absolutely everything


Ah yes, we totally understand the desire to get all of your achievements as you play the game. You’re like Hermione getting 112 percent on her Charms exam. Completionism is everything. Depending on your playing style, your achievements could range from “The Sort Who Makes an Entrance” to “The Hallowed Hero”, so see if you can collect them all.

And if you’re account-linked with us, the achievements that you earn in the game will also translate to little prizes in our very own Portrait Maker. Read here for more details.

Hogwarts Legacy has launched worldwide for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Are you ready to create your legacy?

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