We all love to pick up achievements when we’re in an intense gaming session – but in Hogwarts Legacy, there’s some extra special goodies to get excited about: new backgrounds, accessories and more in our Portrait Maker. Here’s how it works.

If you succeed at certain tasks in Hogwarts Legacy, here at Wizarding World, we will reward with a few exclusive items for your Wizarding Portraits, to make your experience even more spectacular. Just make sure your accounts are linked and away you go to find your prizes.

If you haven't yet discovered our Portrait Maker - you can do so here!

The assortments of rewards will range from special brooches to a very cool wand, so be sure to keep an eagle eye out as you’re playing the game. You never know what you might unlock...

Wait, how do I link my account again?!

  1. Pop over to this link to begin the process and login to your account with us. If you need to create a profile from scratch, of course you can do that too, right here.

  2. Once you’ve completed the Wand Ceremony and Sorting Ceremony you will be asked to click the copy button, which will send you an 8-digit code.

  3. Now go to the WB Games website and either create an account or login to your existing one.

  4. You may be prompted to connect to us straight away – in which case, paste your 8-digit code in. And just like that, your accounts should be linked, no Binding Spells required!

For more details on account linking, and even more details on in-game rewards, our handy guide should help.

And here's the list of achievements to look out for.

Here's the list of achievements to look out for.

The Sort Who Makes an Entrance

This one’s easy. Simply complete your Sorting Ceremony and finish the intro of the game and we will gift you with an exclusive golden frame.

The One Who Mastered Memories

In the game, you will get to explore Pensieves and swim through memories, just like Harry Potter does in Dumbledore’s Pensieve. If you complete all seven Pensieve challenges, a lovely brooch awaits you.

The Seeker of Knowledge

This one’s a big one. If you complete your Field Game and win the House Cup (which may take a while!) you can don a set of triumphant-looking robes in your Portrait Maker, complete with gold details. These come in a variety of colours depending on your house.

The Spell Master

Hogwarts Legacy has a wealth of charms, curses and hexes for you to discover. And once you’ve discovered them all, your Portrait Maker reward will be an Ancient Magic-themed wand that looks very impressive indeed.

The Wise Owl, The Toast of the Town, The Auror’s Apprentice and The Gryffindor in the Graveyard

Depending on your Hogwarts house, you will receive a special Hogwarts Legacy exclusive set of banners for your Portrait Maker background – if you find the Haven. Wait, what is the Haven?? All will be revealed soon.

The Wand Wielder

Another easy one. Simply go to Ollivander’s wand shop, get your wand, and you can earn an exclusive wand shop background.

The Hippogriff Handler

The Hippogriff Handler sounds like an alter-ego of Hagrid’s, doesn’t it? But actually, this is a reward you can receive if you rescue Highwing the Hippogriff in one of the game’s quests. Your prize? An adorable little Snidget on your shoulder.

The Defender of Dragons

Going down the magical creatures route, here’s another one for you. In the game, there will come a point where you can rescue a dragon. Do this, and we’ll give you a very fiery dragon-themed background.

The Hallowed Hero

And finally, this achievement can be earned if you wield a Deathly Hallow at some stage in the game. A Dark Arts Garrison Hat will magically unlock for you.

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to launch worldwide for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 10, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One will launch on April 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 25.

Also - for those with early access to the game, this feature will be available from February 7th.