Design a sock for Dobby, create a Magizoologist profile, colour in a dragon and so much more with these cute Harry Potter activity sheets to download and print.

Enjoy wordsearches, colour-in sheets and all sorts of other fun wizarding world activities for you to print out and try. Here we go!

Beast Search

How many magical creatures can you find in this positively beastly puzzle?

You can download the whole puzzle here.

And your answers can be found here!


Colour in a house crest and make a door hanger

Hey, which Hogwarts house are you? Well, whether you're Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, show us your artistic skills with these colour-in crests. Do you know which colours go with which house? And once you've printed off and coloured in your crests, you could hang it on your door to truly show off your house in all its glory.

You can download everything here.


Colour in a dragon

When you think of a dragon, you may think of a huge, green scaly creature breathing bright orange fire. Or, maybe you have other ideas! Get creative with this dragon colour-in-sheet, and we encourage you to use all the colours of the rainbow. Roar!

You can download the sheet here.

And also! If you want to learn all about the dragons of the wizarding world (there are 10 breeds!) why not read up on them here?


Can you classify these dangerous beasts?

Because there are so many magical creatures in the wizarding world (some fluffy, some much scarier...) the Ministry of Magic must rate the beasts on a scale - from X (not so dangerous) to XXXXX (very dangerous!) - so can you guess the right classifications below?

You can download the question sheet here.

And the answer sheet here!


Design a sock for Dobby

We all know Dobby loves a sock. Well, here's your chance to create your very own! Let your imagination go wild, we're sure Dobby will love your design choice.

You can download the activity sheet right here.


Spot the right dragon

As we mentioned earlier, there are many dragon breeds in the wizarding world. So now, we want to know, just like Charlie Weasley, how much of a dragon expert you are.

Download the dragon-spotting activity sheet here!

And the answers are here.


Hogwarts wordsearch

Time for another word puzzle about our favourite wizarding school. Find all the words connected to the castle, from teachers, classes to Hogwarts houses!

You can download the wordsearch here.

Or find the answer sheet here!


Create your own Hogwarts profile

If you were a Hogwarts student... what would you do? Fill in this activity sheet and create the perfect, magical version of yourself. And then draw a lovely picture to complete your transformation!

You can download your Hogwarts profile activity here.


Make a Magizoologist profile

Do you find magical creatures as fascinating as Newt Scamander? Then how about creating your very own Magizoologist profile?

Take a look here.

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