From Chocolate Frogs to Ice Mice, what is the best wizarding world sweet from the Harry Potter books?

So, from the not-so-nice to the probably delicious...

15. Acid Pops

In bottom place is Acid Pops, based on the fact that Ron said one once ‘burnt a hole right through’ his tongue as a child. We’re good, thanks!

14. Cockroach Clusters

The clue is very much in the title here. Cockroach Clusters, clusters of cockroaches. It’s eating cockroaches at the end of the day. Part of us thought – hey, maybe they’re just shaped like cockroaches! But no, from Hermione’s reaction to seeing some at Honeydukes, it looks like these are the real deal. We’re sure if Trevor the toad was writing this list, he would rank them very highly, but alas, he is not.

13. Fudge Flies

See, again... Who is making all these insect-themed sweets? When Fudge Flies are mentioned in the books, Ron is referring to the fact that Scabbers the rat used to really like them. So, again, it looks like these are probably actually flies. However, Scabbers was actually a human in the form of Peter Pettigrew, so was Peter Pettigrew just eating Fudge Flies all this time for the sake of method-acting? Probably the least of his worries...

12. Blood-flavoured lollipops

Among Honeydukes selection of fiendish fancies are these interestingly-flavoured lollipops. Apparently, these are a delicacy for vampires, so fair enough. But as for us – we prefer strawberry flavour.

11. Liquorice Wands

Perhaps down to personal opinion, but if you’re going to have a sweet, is liquorice really the top of anyone’s lists? Professor Slughorn once said that ‘a poor old man’s digestive system isn’t quite up to such things’, so in honour of poor old mens' digestive systems the world over, these wands do not get a high placement.

10. Sugar Quills

Apparently quite good for exams, these Sugar Quills last for ages, and look like actual quills. A fun concept, but compared to some of the sweets to come, we're writing these off.

9. Toothflossing Stringmints

A sweet that is actually good for your teeth, and one that Hermione knew her dentist parents would just adore. Bonus points for actually being good for you, but minus points for not being actual sweets, really.

8. Cauldron Cakes and Chocolate Cauldrons

Sure, cakes shaped like cauldrons, chocolate shaped like cauldrons, that all sounds great. Especially as the latter apparently comes with Firewhisky. However, we’ve ranked them slightly low down on this list due to the fact that poor Ron once ate a box that was spiked with Love Potion, so they’ve lost a few points.

7. Fizzing Whizzbees

These levitating sherbet balls sound fun, and once featured as one of Dumbledore’s many passwords to his office. Also, they have an enjoyable name to say out loud!

6. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Life is like a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: you never know what you’re going to get. And sometimes, life throws you up an earwax-flavoured bean. Hence why we can't rate them too highly...

5. Ice Mice

These sweets make your teeth chatter and squeak when you eat them, which sounds like a novelty for a few minutes. Although sometimes, you just want a treat without any admin, you know?

4. Pepper Imps

Much like the Ice Mice, Pepper Imps give you the power to breathe fire. Cool! Well, hot, actually. But surely you’d get a sore throat afterwards?

3. Skiving Snackboxes in general

So, we’ve decided to just lump all of the Skiving Snackboxes together, seeing as they basically all serve the same purpose: to skive off something. The likes of which include Nosebleed Nougat, Puking Pastilles and Fainting Fancies.

Now, we enjoy a lie-in on a Monday morning as much as the next Muggle, but the idea of nosebleeds and vomiting to get out of it isn’t exactly appetising. However, top points for being a snack with substance.

2. Honeydukes chocolate

Sometimes, you don’t just want chocolate – you want a giant slab of chocolate. For Harry and co., the fact that chocolate makes you feel better after an unprecedented Dementor attack just makes things even better. Thanks to Remus Lupin for advocating these chocolate bricks of bliss.

1. Chocolate Frogs

Was there ever any doubt? Yes, Every Flavour Beans may be magical, and Skiving Snackboxes may get you off work, but is there any wizarding world treat more iconic than the Chocolate Frog? These guys have it all. A) They’re frogs. B) They’re chocolate. C) They come with free, collectable cards of great wizards and witches of yore.

Harry’s first proper education into the wizarding world was through Chocolate Frogs before he even gets to Hogwarts, discovering Dumbledore on his first try. These little frogs are symbolic of Harry’s magical induction, and they just seem like great fun on many levels.

So, that’s our lot. Do you agree with our list, or are you a giant Cockroach Clusters fan demanding justice? Whatever the case, we are certainly hungry now.

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