If it isn’t brilliant enough that wizards can cast fantastic spells, they also have an array of weird and wonderful objects at their fingertips.

These are incredibly useful objects that would improve our lives by about a million per cent, actually. But what would be at the top of your wizarding wish list?

Invisibility Cloak
We have all had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing the horrific moment where we wished we were invisible – usually after saying something embarrassing or falling over. Alas, the only thing that could really help us here is the Invisibility Cloak - owned by Harry, which he tended to use for more important reasons.

Two-way mirror
The way we see it, a two-way mirror is basically a wizard’s version of video messenger, but rather impractically only for two people. Useful if your phone’s run out of battery, not so if your good friend has left the mirror at the bottom of their bag.

Harry and Hermione looking into the broken mirror shard

You don’t see many Time-Turners around, probably because our world would be a far stranger place if we all had one. The hourglass shaped device (which also doubles up as a handy necklace) allows the wearer to travel back in time for whatever reason. Of course, Hermione used hers for responsible reasons. We would use ours for telling our past self to go home and change our jumper which has a stain on.

Too much on your mind? Tell us about it. What you need is a Pensieve, a literal pool of thoughts that you could add to when you don’t want to think about something anymore – or revisit if you want to think about it a lot.

Consider the possibilities: besotted couples could look back on old dates; thoughts of bad job interviews could be banished forever. Although there should probably be some kind of policy around remembering trips to the cinema, as that’s basically piracy.

Hermione’s never-ending bag
Hermione charms her beaded handbag to make it a bottomless pit of useful stuff: excellent for spontaneous camping trips where you end up trying to destroy fragments of a Dark wizard’s soul. Or just camping trips in general.

PMARCHIVE-Hermione WB F7 HermioneHoldingBeadedBag HPDH1-01384 7BKAv9bMCXZeNp7mADEdLr-b9

Extendable Ears
Fred Weasley and George Weasley’s inventions usually existed solely for cheeky reasons, but their Extendable Ears were genuinely a revolution in sound technology. The ears held the power to eavesdrop on the most important of conversations – sort of like a paper cup and a piece of string but these actually work. (Come on, those never worked.)

The Marauder’s Map
Another rare item owned by Harry Potter (imagine if that boy had a car boot sale) we all know and love was the Marauder’s Map; a charmed parchment that tracked the movements of everyone in Hogwarts castle. We could really do with a version of this for giant shopping centres – if only Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were available for commissions.

The Foe-Glass was only mentioned briefly in the books – seen in Mad-Eye Moody’s office. The Dark detector shows the shadows of your greatest enemies, who get clearer in the glass as they get nearer to you. We think these could be helpful in offices where bosses roam corridors with big piles of work.

Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody

Skiving Snackbox
For those who haven’t perfected their husky ‘I’m so ill!’ voice for much-needed days off work, the Weasley twins’ Skiving Snackbox would be perfect. Although we worry for the global economy if we actually had these.

Mrs Weasley’s clock
Perhaps one of the most underrated magical items on our list is the intensely clever Weasley clock that didn’t so much as tell the time, as tell Mrs Weasley where her various family members were.

Imagine if we all could own one of these: we could put the cat on it. No one would ever get lost again. (Apart from when the hand pointed to ‘lost’, of course.)

Bonus item: the one thing that is incredibly not useful…
The Remembrall – in our opinion, more useless than a battery-powered battery charger. Sure, it can tell you if you’ve forgotten something – but not what you’ve actually forgotten. It should be called the paranoia-brall.

PMARCHIVE-WB F1 Remembrall DracoMalfoyHoldingRemembrall 713 Jn5G2fPxssU4qAkYyeaAI-b2
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