Published on Aug 25th 2020
From Hermione’s pivotal ball gown to Severus Snape carrying a red handbag, we rank wizarding fashion icons. But who will get the top spot?

10 – Dolores Umbridge

We’re putting her at the bottom of our list. Because she deserves it. Always dressing in different shades of insipid pink is not fashion forward or imaginative – frankly, it’s just boring, and it makes us feel a bit ill. It’s almost as though someone once said, ‘gosh, Dolores. Pink really suits you,’ and she’s just run with it ever since. There are other colours, Dolores! And by the way, having your office and clothes match. Too far. It’s not stylish – it’s lazy.

Dolores Umbridge in her office

9 – Ron at the Yule Ball

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. If we’d opened a parcel, as Ron did in the film of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and identified an item of clothing that would make us look like our Great Aunt Tessie, then we think we might have attended the Yule Ball in Harry’s Invisibility Cloak. The lace sleeves and old-fashioned pattern were not a good look for the youngest Weasley brother. And his date, Padma Patil, didn’t seem to appreciate his fashion choices one bit, or his unwillingness to dance. And this unusual outfit didn’t even come with a red handbag for comedy value, so Ron slides into second to last place.

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8– Hagrid in his furry suit

Well… at least Madame Maxine seemed to appreciate it. But we can’t say we’re huge fans of the hairy ensemble Hagrid wore to the Yule Ball. Each to their own, we suppose, but wouldn’t that suit have itched something chronic? A few points for individuality, but this outfit certainly doesn’t get any bonuses for comfort.

7 – Bellatrix Lestrange

You might be surprised to find Bellatrix Lestrange on this list, but although there isn’t an awful lot of variation to Bellatrix Lestrange’s wardrobe, we have to admit that the darker shades really do match her personality. And does wearing black ever really go out of fashion? Though we’re pretty sure she gave up brushing her hair in Azkaban…

Bellatrix casting a spell and holding the Sowrd of Gryffindor

6 – Harry at the Yule Ball

Harry’s dress robes, as opposed to Ron’s, were actually rather fetching on the Boy Who Lived. We would have loved to see him dancing in his glad rags with the girl he actually wanted to go to the Yule Ball with though… What a shame he waited too long to ask Cho Chang out and had to spend the evening miserably watching her dance with Diggory. We reckon Ginny was admiring him from afar though…

Harry and Ron left out at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire

5 – Rita Skeeter

So, Rita Skeeter wasn’t exactly the nicest witch in the wizarding world, but she did have a very unique sense of style. From her jewelled spectacles to her crimson-painted two-inch nails, you’ve got to admire the boldness with which Rita dresses given how many people are probably trying to get revenge on her for something awful she’s written about them. Pair Rita’s unapologetic dress-sense with the acid-green Quick-Quotes Quill she carries about in her handbag, and this dubious journalist really is a bit of a style icon – even if her words are pure poison.

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4 – Gilderoy Lockhart

He might have been a dunce when it came to Defence Against the Dark Arts, but Gilderoy Lockhart did know a thing or two about fashion. Whilst Lockhart could have pulled off Great Aunt Tessie’s least favourite outfit, he didn’t take any shortcuts when it came to his appearance. Take the book signing where Harry first meets him as an example: he was ‘wearing robes of forget-me-not blue which exactly matched his eyes’. Perfection. He might have won Witch Weekly’s Most-Charming-Smile Award five times in a row, but he wouldn’t have looked out of place on a wizarding catwalk either.

Lockhart with his hand on his hip

3 – Hermione at the Yule Ball

In third place, it’s Hermione Granger in her Yule Ball outfit. This dress was more than just a dress – it let Hermione say something about herself that she hadn’t been able to before. She could be geek and chic. She could brew up Polyjuice Potion one minute, and come to a ball the next, and look elegant, feminine and breathtakingly gorgeous. Of course, we always knew Hermione was beautiful – inside and out – but it never hurts to get a bit of appreciation, especially from an international Quidditch player…

Viktor Krum and Hermione Dancing at the Yule Ball

2 – Albus Dumbledore

There are some wizards who struggle to pull off the long cloaks and quirky hats expected of magical folk, but Albus Dumbledore is not one of them. Intelligence, impeccable taste, and a sprinkle of eccentricity combine to adorn the Hogwarts headmaster with some of the most fashionable outfits in the castle and beyond. And those half-moon spectacles that highlight his twinkling blue eyes? The perfect, practical accessory to match every one of his dashing outfits.

Dumbledore smiling from the Philosopher's Stone

1 – Boggart Snape/Augusta Longbottom

In the top spot it’s Augusta Longbottom’s wizarding style modelled by Severus Snape. The green dress is a classic, but the accessories make this outfit what it truly is. That red handbag is truly inspired, and if you look carefully, you’ll spot some lacy black gloves. It’s the comedy value that really allows this outfit to pip Dumbledore to the post. And a special shout out must go to good-old Snape, who pulled the look off effortlessly – well Neville’s Boggart did…

Snape dressed in Nevilles grandmothers clothes