Wizarding fashion may be quite non-traditional, but thanks to the incredible designers behind the movies, Hogwarts produced some seriously special style moments.
Ron and Harry looking at their dress robes from the Goblet of Fire

Confusion about what to wear when dressing as Muggles can lead to some very strange combinations, as seen at the Quidditch World Cup where confused outfits included a kilt paired with a poncho and a tweed suit matched with ‘thigh-length galoshes’.

But the unique wizarding take on style has led to some of the most beautiful, daring and interesting costumes to appear on the big screen.

So, perfect your ’do with liberal amounts of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion and take your seats on the front row to remember the best moments of Hogwarts high fashion from the Harry Potter films.

Hermione’s Yule Ball dress

Perhaps the most iconic of the non-uniform looks in the movies, Hermione Granger’s Yule Ball dress made us all curse our prom choices.

While in Goblet of Fire Hermione wore ‘robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material’, big-screen Miss Granger wore a stunning pink tiered ombre gown for her date with Viktor Krum.

The dress, designed by Jany Temime, was the perfect frock to signal Hermione’s Cinderella moment – and make Ron insanely jealous, of course.

An illusration of Hermione in her Yule Ball dress

Ron’s Yule Ball robes

And on the other side of Yule Ball fashion, we have poor Won-Won’s outfit.

After receiving his hand-me-down dress robes from Mrs Weasley, Ron mistakenly thought the frilly get-up was for Ginny, who immediately called them ‘ghastly’. And we have to agree with her.

The ‘lace and dodgy little collar’ were made worse by Ron’s review of his Yule Ball attire: ‘I look like my great aunt Tessie. I smell like my great aunt Tessie.’ Still, better to be on the worst-dressed list than not to be remembered at all.

Illustration of Ron' s dress robes from the Gobelt of Fire

Luna’s Christmas party frock

Luna Lovegood was a tad more avant garde in her fashion choices – necklace made of Butterbeer caps, anyone? But her dress for Slughorn’s Christmas party in Half-Blood Prince was less dotty, more daring fashionista.

Her silver spangled dress, inspired by a Christmas tree, featured three 3D tiers that could have walked off any haute couture runway.

The film saw Luna wear sparkling star earrings, although we personally preferred her orange radish pair.

Luna speaking to Sanguine at Slughorn's party

Gilderoy Lockhart in general

Okay, so he stole the stories of others to make himself famous, but you can’t deny that Gilderoy Lockhart had style in Chamber of Secrets.

Rocking up to your first class as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor in a cravat and a gold cloak took some confidence, but Lockhart managed to turn his classroom into a fashion show. For his duel demonstration with Professor Snape, Lockhart wore a quilted and crested vest, a tasselled cloak and a single glove.

Well, we would expect nothing less from the five times winner of Witch Weekly’s ‘Most Charming Smile’ award.

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Beauxbatons school uniforms

Never has a uniform looked as glam than those worn by the students of Beauxbatons Academy.

When Fleur Delacour and her classmates made their grand entrance in Goblet of Fire, we were taken aback by their beauty and grace, but also by their stunning costumes.

Teaming chic blue silk dresses with matching capelets, shoes and hat, this outfit – again designed by Jany Temime - wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Paris, never mind in a magical school.

An illustration of Fleur in school uniform

Mrs Weasley’s knitted jumpers

‘She’s made you a Weasley jumper,’ Ron moaned to Harry in Philosopher’s Stone – but we can’t imagine any better gift. When Molly’s famed knitted jumpers made it onto the big screen, it was like a big, warm, nostalgic hug. Ron’s was maroon – it’s always maroon – with a big R knitted on the front. Sure, the Weasley kids may not have been fans, but we can guarantee they’d sell like hotcakes in a vintage store.

Fleur’s wedding dress

Fleur Delacour was never going to look less than amazing on her wedding day, but her appearance in Deathly Hallows - Part One exceeded all expectations.

While the book saw Fleur wearing a ‘simple white dress’ as she married Bill Weasley, the film’s take on her gown was much more lavish.

Fleur’s wedding dress was a floor-length white tulle creation, featuring two black phoenixes forming a heart and a matching headpiece.

Designer Jany said she chose the phoenix design because ‘like love, it is eternal’.

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