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Recently, we asked our Gold Members to share their thoughts on which character they believe was a little underappreciated in the wizarding world. We had so many fantastic responses, but here are five answers that really stood out. Take a look.

Explain which character in the Harry Potter books you think deserves more recognition and why.

Andromeda Tonks was a character that Jordan thought deserved more acknowledgement...

Although many would think she’s not traditionally heroic, Andromeda Tonks showed in her life many forms of heroic acts. From defying her family and their prejudiced ways, to being a person who refused to cave even when she lost everything. Falling in love with Ted Tonks would have led to much aggravation from her family even while she was still at Hogwarts and even when she was abandoned by her family, while she was still a teenager, she never gave in and knew her love for Ted was true.

During the second wizarding war she lost more than most, firstly losing her husband after he was forced to go on the run and then subsequently losing her daughter and son-in-law, she entered the new era of freedom once again alone and fighting to be strong, so that she could raise her grandson!

Her story is similar to several of the characters in the books, however Andromeda seemed to not receive the same admiration that others were showered with. Where Sirius was praised for his strength in not blindly following the Black’s lust for blood purity, Andromeda was not. Like many others Andromeda lost everyone in her close family apart from her grandson, however this was never properly digested by the readers.

Other points of note - although not a member of the Order, Andromeda and Ted played a key role in the Battle of the Seven Potters and were even tortured after this act of bravery, once again this was drifted over in the books. Finally, to top it all off, she is said to look similar to Bellatrix - so she deserves praise for getting up every day and dealing with that fact!


Whereas Ben suggested that Luna deserved more of a moment in the spotlight...

Luna Lovegood is the embodiment of confidence and acceptance. She teaches you to accept and celebrate who you are, rather than let someone else live your life. People misjudge her, labelling her simply as "quirky" and "weird", but that is doing her a disservice. She isn't "wacky" for the sake of it, or to try to seem unique. She's simply unapologetically herself, unwilling to kowtow to the opinions of others, and happy to accept their ire because it means she is being who she is, living life in the way she wants to live it.

She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an interest in and respect for the natural world, always seeking to learn in order to better understand and appreciate life and be able to help those who need it. She views living things not as pests, or tools to benefit from, but individuals deserving of kindness, and respect, and love. She has great empathy and wisdom, with both an understanding of how to appreciate life, and of death and its place in life. She was the only person who managed to help Harry overcome his depression and stop him feeling isolated from his friends after Cedric's murder; accept and move past Sirius' death; was the first to pay respect to Dobby and comfort Harry after Dobby's death; and consoled Ollivander whilst they were imprisoned in the Malfoys' cellar, keeping him calm and reassured. She is resolute in her morals, always willing to fight for what is right, having fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and Battle of Hogwarts, risking her life without a second thought.

She has an unwavering commitment to doing what is right, no matter the consequences, and is absolutely deserving of Lily Luna Potter being named after her. She's beautiful.



Betty believed that Colin was an unrecognised hero...

How many eleven-year-olds do you know with a serious interest in photography? Anyone that age who develops their own pictures is definitely a person worth knowing. And how many eleven-year-olds do you know who narrowly escaped death while also very nearly snapping a rare photograph of an ancient magical monster?

Colin Creevey should have had his own book series – he was protagonist material. And most impressive of all – he didn’t know it. He was always ready to support others, he was an ardent and loyal friend, always happy to help without needing to be asked, only matched in his optimism and positive outlook by his brother Dennis. He was ready to fight for what was right, which ultimately cost him his life. He died as he lived, a silent hero helping others and supporting those he held in high esteem in achieving their goals.

Colin Creevey, son of a milkman, wizard, photographer, friend. You are sorely missed but never forgotten.


Interestingly, Firenze was someone that Torie thought had been overlooked...

Handsome, wise, stoic, and strong, Firenze demonstrated astonishing resilience in the face of unceasing discrimination. As a centaur and noted minority, Firenze endured arguably more prejudice than any character in the series - not just from wizards, but from his kin. His determined perseverance and remarkable strength of character make Firenze a true hero worth celebrating.

Firenze legitimized a subject even Dumbledore considered nixing - Divination. In his forested classroom, Firenze taught the holistic approach to divination practiced by centaurs for centuries. He fortified the subject with realism, asserting no prediction offers complete certainty. Even so, he correctly predicted the second wizarding war.

He fought bravely during the Battle of Hogwarts - nearly perishing from severe injuries. And we should never forget that Firenze saved 11-year-old Harry Potter’s life in the Forbidden Forest. Despite jeering from other centaurs for acting like “a common mule”, Firenze graciously carried Harry on his back to safety. Without Firenze, Harry’s story could have ended almost as soon as it began.

Banished from his colony for his open-minded attitude toward wizards, Firenze was welcomed back after the Second Wizarding War forced everyone to re-examine their biases. Prejudice within the wizarding community was so deeply rooted it was systemic. He was othered repeatedly. Even by Hermione, who stated, “I never really liked horses,” to Parvati Patil as the fifth years anticipated Firenze's first lesson. Within the cultural context established by the narrator, Hermione demonstrates how even the kindest, most progressive people make blunders. Centaurs are proud, fierce, and have their own powerful magic. It would’ve been illuminating to learn more about Firenze. But the echo of his narrative transcends the books.

Firenze personifies the beauty of embracing the unfamiliar and the value of learning from our mistakes as we strive for a better tomorrow.


And not forgetting Elise who thought Hagrid deserved a little more gratitude…

Rubeus Hagrid baked Harry a birthday cake on his 11th birthday, although he hadn’t seen him since he was a baby, based off of what Dumbledore told him about how he was treated.

He took Harry away from the Dursley’s for the first time and explained Harry’s past as best he knew. Hagrid sent Harry mail asking him to tea the first week of school so he wasn’t the only one without mail. Hagrid wasn’t hesitant to tell them about his own past before the Minister interrupted. He gave Harry a laugh by giving Dudley a pig tail. He took Harry to Diagon Alley for the first time ever. Hagrid used his meagre salary he lives off of as gamekeeper to buy Harry an owl. Hagrid showed Harry the dragons for the first Triwizard task and never for a second though Harry was lying. He told Ron and Harry to treat Hermione better in Prisoner of Azkaban.

In a way he prepared him for the creatures in the maze by showing him them in class all year. Hagrid would undertake any job for Dumbledore because he trusted him, including going after giants. Hagrid was never fearful. Hagrid was outraged after the stunning spells hit McGonagall. Hagrid faced discrimination against his race and dementors for over a month yet never became a bad person, not to mention being expelled for false reasons. He always showed support to the trio, whether individually or together. Hagrid fought to the last battle and always reassured Harry that he never need worry about him, yet worried relentlessly for Harry. He cried tears for Harry. In these ways Hagrid is underrated by the trio themselves. He was always a guiding presence at Hogwarts, never once faltered. He opened up to everyone and had a huge heart. Hagrid wasn’t jealous of the students who completed their education at Hogwarts as he could’ve been, but supported them all the way through.

From throwing support Harry Potter parties down to the very last hug, Hagrid was a vital character in the series.


Thank you to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts! We absolutely loved reading them and hearing your opinions on the wizarding world.

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