Our official Harry Potter Fan Club app brings you closer to the magic, anytime, anywhere – and now we’ve made a few changes to make it an even better experience as it becomes available to more countries this month. Read on to learn more about our app and the improvements we’ve made.

Our app is coming to more countries across the world, becoming available in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden. Recently, the app rolled out further to the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria Switzerland and South Africa. And now - the app has come to Brazil and Mexico!

Read on to find out all about our app, all of its exciting features and fresh updates.

Oh, and here's a handy QR code if you want to take a look at the app right now.


AR Sorting Ceremony

Our app is the only place where you can take part in our incredible AR Sorting Ceremony – your chance to try on the Sorting Hat in a whole new way. We know many of you have discovered your Hogwarts house on our website, but on our app, you can actually see yourself wearing the famous hat in this beautifully designed interactive Augmented Reality experience.

Did you know? There are many randomised questions the Sorting Hat asks you, each with their own cool visual style. These questions were written by J.K. Rowling herself back when we first launched our Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony experience many years ago, and although the questions may seem mysterious, your choices truly will determine your Hogwarts house. Answer truthfully to discover where you belong...

Sorting ceremony in Harry Potter Fan Club app

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever donned the Sorting Hat and discovered your Hogwarts house - but if you’ve already been sorted, don’t worry. The first time you complete the app’s Sorting Ceremony, you’ll be given the option to either stay in your current house or swap to your new house (if you get a different result). After that, you can retake the Sorting Ceremony as many times as you like – but the Sorting Hat won’t change its mind again.

Our AR Sorting Hat only needs to ask you a few questions to really get to know you. But you can play the Sorting Ceremony as many times as you wish, as you may discover new questions on each new try!

And if you’d like to, you’ll also be able to share your results (not to mention a dashing photo of you wearing our hat) on social media with your friends, if you’re old enough.

Wizarding Weeklies

Wizarding Weekly in-app

The Sorting Ceremony is just one of the many fun features that you can enjoy in our app.

To enjoy a weekly dose of magic, dive into the Wizarding Weekly fanzine – new editions land every Wednesday. Inside each issue, you can expect the latest quizzes (with varying levels of difficulty!), puzzles, polls, trivia, videos and lots more about the stories you love – all delivered in one, neat package.

You can even help your Hogwarts house get to the top of the Wizarding Weekly’s quiz leaderboards, where we’ll track how well Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff performed in each trivia challenge. Plus, be sure to take part in the fanzine’s polls to have your say and see how other houses are voting.

Fresh editions of the Wizarding Weekly can be found in the app’s Feed section. All past editions are stored in the app’s Discover section.

Quizzes and Puzzles

Puzzles in-app

As we mentioned, we love testing your wizarding world knowledge with regular quizzes – but our app also hosts puzzles, such as crosswords and wordsearches, with varying ranges of difficulties.

On Saturdays, fresh quizzes can be found in the app’s Feed section. With every quiz you take, your Hogwarts house has a chance to be top of the leaderboards – so remember, every correct answer counts!

All past challenges are stored in the app’s Discover section, so you can always catch up on any you may have missed.

The Daily Feed and Vault

Feed in Harry Potter Fan Club app

Check the app’s Feed daily for the latest news, features, puzzles, polls and beyond. There’s always something new to discover.

Harry Potter Fan Club app feed

The Vault is home to all of your Harry Potter Fan Club benefits. It’s where you’ll find the latest information about how to access each one. Be sure to keep checking it regularly for new additions!

Enchanted Keys and Secret Codes

Enchanted Kay in Harry Potter Fan Club app

Psst… There are also Enchanted Keys and Secret Codes to be discovered in all sorts of places in the Wizarding World, from physical locations to the packaging on some of our products. You can even find secret codes inside the app itself, if you know where to look for them. Whenever you find an Enchanted Key or potential secret code, simply scan and unlock to discover even more content.

Latest updates

Home Screen of Harry Potter Fan Club app

Great news! We’ve recently cast an Undetectable Extension Charm on the app meaning it is still filled with all the Wizarding World goodness you've come to expect - but takes up much less file size on your iOS and Android devices.

Basically, we’ve recently reduced the size of the app by a significant amount of MB. This means that it’ll take up less space on the devices of iOS and Android users while still retaining all of the app’s content. You should start to see their app working generally faster, especially when using our AR Sorting Ceremony experience.

Be sure to update your app today to enjoy the best possible experience.

And when is the app coming to my country?

The app is already available in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And now, fans based in Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa will be able to download the app too (available in English-language only). Do keep checking back here for updates on further countries in the upcoming weeks.

This is truly just the beginning – we’re always working behind the scenes to think of new ways to help our app bring you closer to the magic. Always remember that you can join the Harry Potter Fan Club to find out when the app will be available in your country plus more updates as they come.

You can download our app for free from the App Store and Google Play.